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[photo of a man half-smiling. He is wearing an orange shirt, a golden necklace, and a black hairband]
Milo Rose #090411
Union Correctional Institution
7819 NW 228th St. P3225
Raiford, Florida 32026-4430

[colored drawing of a Native American riding a horse into the distant wild-plained wilderness. A brown feather with intricate doohickeys hangs over it.]

Shattered Dreams, Prayers of Hope

In 1838, the Cherokee, along with other southeastern tribes, were forced by the United States government from their homes and homelands. This became known as the Trail of Tears, as the tribes were relocated to Indian territory. Dreams were shattered, but prayers of hope prevailed.

Siya (hello), my name is Milo Rose. My Native American name is One Eagle. I am blessed to be writing this blog through prayers of hope being answered, to help lift me out of obscurity. There is already a wealth of information online about me. Please take the time to google "Milo Rose: Innocent on Death Row" to join me on my path of vindication. I look forward to all blog comments and to receiving personal correspondence as my prayers of hope continue to be answered.

Milo Rose 29.08.2010


Hey One Eagle this is your buddy Angel Shockley. Your friend forever. How are you doing? I have read your blog and I have realized you are an amazing and artistic man with a beautiful soul and untamed heart filled with hope and ambition of the truth coming out and receiving justice. I am praying for your cause everyday, but please tell me, is there anything else I can do for you? I have an anti-death penalty website on facebook, if you have access I am Angel Elizabeth Shockley on fb (and real life too!). I was wondering is it okay if I put your picture and profile on my facebook page to get your story going and take you out of obscurity? I will be happy to do it because I am a member of every anti-death penalty group on facebook and they are all friends with me so they will know your story and will know all about you. I want to help you get out of obscurity, and I can do it my friend, also may I put your profile and photo on twitter? I run an anti-death penalty site on twitter too and so many anti-dp cause groups will read your story. Just don't forget the friend that is here for you! (smile). I am here for you always, One Eagle and you are in my heart and prayers. Please hang in there. I am sending you some cards, letters, support and of course, love.
Your Friend Always and with Love from Afar:
Angel Shockley

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