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[photo of a man kneeling in a yard. He is holding a tuxedo cat upright and snuggling it.]

Attention all fed-up ladies!

Are you TIRED of men who only want to hump your leg and then roll over to sleep?
Do you carry the emotional qualities to BUILD and DEVELOP an emotionally healthy bond of friendship and love over time?
If you've answered yes to either of these questions, then I am looking for YOU. :)

My name is Jim. I'm 39, long blond hair, blue eyes, 5'10" and 184 lbs. I am okay with simple friendship but am searching for more should we connect on a deeper level.

Here's just a little about me for now.

Honesty and communication are very important to me. I believe two hearts that carry positive qualities can achieve anything. I made my living as an exotic entertainer. I treat a lady as one and her heart with respect. It's important to me that my lady KNOWS she can come to me the most during her bad times because it's easy to stand with someone during their good, but it reveals TRUE partnership when two people stand together during the bad. I'm a romantic at heart. I workout often and I'm a pretty decent cook.

I'm in jail for a bit of drugs—will explain if you write. No lies or games, just me. I'm NOT concerned with a lady's age, race or weight—only your heart matters. Ask whatever you like and tell me about yourself. All letters are answered.

Write at J. Ivins T22607-15/226, Box 409060, Ione, CA, 95641 or just leave your comments here. Take care and write soon! :)

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