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[colored photo of a man in a white shirt, somewhat frowning against a green-black wall.]

My name is Don Deardorff. I'm a 46 year old Alabama death row inmate. I'm in search of new friends to help in the creation of an actual innocence project here in Alabama, one of the few states that has none established. I invite you to read the pamphlet we've created, our future letters, and welcome any letters you'd write me here.

Although I'm fighting for freedom, I still maintain my dignity, optimism, and faith. Out there in the real world, I enjoyed being outdoors, hunting, fishing, and camping. Yet I still found myself fascinated by art galleries, museums, even the zoo. Who doesn't love baby animals? Here, I'm a member of Kairos; I've taught myself to paint. I've got friends all around the world so I'm into different cultures and ideas.

Write me, let me tell you more. Got questions? Just ask.

Donald Deardorff
Z-681 U22-1A
100 Warrior Lane
Bessemer, AL 35023

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