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[colored photo of a young man crouching. He is smiling towards the camera.]

Name: William Holmes #96-A-4188
Address: Sullivan Correctional Facility
P.O. Box 116
Fallsburg, New York 12733
D/O/B: April 3, 1977
P/O/B: Brooklyn, New York

Hello! My name is William, 34 years of age, African-American male that is ambitious and enjoys being in the company of other ambitious individuals. Learning how to overcome being defined by my circumstances has motivated me to challenge myself to live through my greatness and not my mistakes, even while incarcerated!

I am about to share my experiences with you all. What comes from sharing, I believe, is constructive feedback. I am working to become my best self possible. It is said that everyone have blind spots in their character. I want to fix mine so that I can raise the quality of my personal relationships. Also, I want to be the reason a good working relationship turns into a great one.

I am a man that has come to grips with my past, become proactive in my present, and holds a map to my future. I will share with you my life experiences with hopes that I can save others from making the same mistakes I have made, inspire some to appreciate life more, and become motivated to become their best self. In addition, to enlighten others who are not aware to the beauty of using their natural talent.

If you feel I should elaborate further in my story or explain things with more detail, please leave a comment and I will do my best. This is somewhat like my first step, and it is said that the ones that encourage a person to take the next steps are living examples of our humanity at work.

"My family did not raise me to be an inmate!"


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