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Yes those are the most long words I can tell you.
It was never about me.
That being said... in between (attempting) to be a fathe... a son...
a brother... an uncle... a friend... a young man in an adult
correctional facility... & a fashion designer, with Gods help I'll
do my best to be there for you (for us)
Maybe you need a listening ear; maybe you need some words of
encouragemente, of comfort, of support, of kindness, of "lolog"
(smiles), of appreciation etc... Maybe you just need some
(unbiased) advice. Maybe your HOPE needs to be rekindled...
Maybe you just need to know that somebody else has been
through what you going through. That somebody else feels how
you feel. That you're not weird or strange... Maybe you're cut
with end... Maybe like me you've made mistakes... Maybe
you could use a life affirming moment or 2 to help u
put the pieces back toghether... Maybe you could use a
Either way, by the grace of God, I'm here for you. Promise you I know
what it's like to be locked up! to be gossipped about, to be
left alone - & left ou - to be mistreated (& mistreat others!)
to be misjudged (by appearence) - to have no one to talk to -
to yearn to make sense of "it" all...

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