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Hello, stranger!

I guess I will start my blog by introducing myself. My name is Mr. Ellis L. Jones. I'm currently incarcerated here at the Telford Unit in New Boxton, Texas. I'm a black male standing at 6'4", dark brown eyes, black wavy hair. I'm 50 years of age, I have no kids, and I'm very outgoing. I love to do things outdoors like barbecue, parks, movies, conventions, plays, jazz halls, etc.

I'm very spontaneous, love adventure. I'm well educated and can converse on any level and subject. I have big ideas and goals that I am at a constant pursuit to achieve, even in the event of my disposition, I refuse to let my opposition be my demise. However, like so many of us in society, I made bad choices and decisions in life. Unfortunately, the consequences of my bad decisions and choices led to my fate in prison where I remain unable to express my inner most thoughts and feelings to someone who cares or at least will listen.

My soul quest is for someone to adhere to my silent cries.

I love people in general, so race is not a factor in my quest.

Ellis L. Jones

enclosed address and one photo.
Mr. Ellis L. Jones #741859
38999 State Hwy 98 Telford Unit
New Boston, Texas 75570

[drawing of two cartoon children sitting back to back on a tree stump. Caption: I'm thinking of you across the miles.]
[colored photo of Ellis that cuts off around his torso. He has his arms crossed and is standing against a white wall. He is wearing a silver watch, one silver ring, and a silver cross. Caption: 6-28-96 Ellis]

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