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Si hablo espanol

[Colored photo of the author crouching on the sidewalk. He is smiling at the camera in broad daylight.]
5-15-10 Coyote Ridge Corr. Center


As for me, just makin' changes for the better and looking forward to the future. My name is Rosario Barrero (AKA MR. STUMBLEZ, 'cause life is a trip!). I'm 29 years young, half-Mexican, half-White, 5'11", 165 lbs, and cooler than a polar bear's toe nails. :)

The purpose of my profile and blog is to make some new friends via mail, phone, or even visits if you can make it here. Places like BTB are our only means to the computer. I'm also open to a serious relationship as long as you're real with it and drama free. Just puttin' that out there so you know.

I've been down close to six years and have three left. I would really like to use this time to make sure some "real" friends and possibly get to know someone on a more intimate level. So I encourage you to check out my blog and shoot me a letter if you want to get to know me better and put a smile on my face. :) Hope to hear from some people soon. See contact info on my bog. Stay up!

Thank you for your time. Adios!

'cause life is a trip!

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