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Ancient but highly advanced technology. Sunken continents. Prehistoric societies. Suppressed ancient capabilities. Impenetrable ancient treasure troves. Why did the US Space Program (NASA) compete for decades with the Russians to be the first to land on the lunar terra firma? Then once NASA achieved this lofty goal in 1969, they never returned to the lunar surface? Nobody spends billions to trillions of dollars to build technology to be used only once.

America and other nations can reach the moon. On any daily schedule but choose not to do so. Why?

In the last part of the 1900s, Greek shell fishermen hoisted their nets to discover the world's most significant find to date: the Antikythera Device. This bread slice sized alloy device is carbon dated all the way back to 70 BCE. This ancient device has innards consistent with a complex wrist watch with the many different gears spinning in multiple directions. This is not even the bomb. The MOAB is the now known research on this device, well accepted as ancient but highly advanced navigation device. A modern GPS unit for your vehicle except that this device didn't map out roads, it mapped the heavens, stars, planets, sun, etc.

Who possessed such formidable technology over 2,000 years ago? Better yet, how was it fabricated? The device now sits in a museum. Google "Antikythera Device" and jump to particular sites.

In the corridor to a pyramid are pictographs of what we call electrical wires connecting to clearly shaped glass tubes used to light the dark corridor. This ancient pictograph is now a reference to another electrical device: The Baghdad Batteries, ancient clay jars with copper coils inside of a copper tube protruding from the waxed and sealed top. A Westinghouse engineer made scaled replicas and tested their electrical Diodes to find that the ancient jars produced enough wattage (2.5) to "plate" objects in gold or silver.

These are just tidbits of what I will be blogging over. Your world should be changed forever once you receive this knowledge. You will desire to go full speed ahead at locating all of this available information.

All replies to my blog will receive responses if need be. No comment goes unanswered. I love to share, brainstorm, and build.

All those interested may correspond via snail mail with me sending your information to me at the above address or blog url.

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