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Name: Joaquin Jordan
Number: J-27227
Address: Mule Creek State Prison, P.O. Box 409060, Ione, California, 95640
Commitment offense: Robbery
Term: 25 years to life - third strike conviction
Parole eligibility date: 02/24/2024. My parole agent is in the Junior High with dreams of being a major league baseball player.
Previous life dysfunctions: Early adolescent emotional retardation (spoiled and entitled). 15 year battle with crack, cocaine addiction. Lost many battles but am now winning the way. Nine years clean, four years sober.
*Running: I am not a jogger, I run.
*Yoga: Yes, although I am in a maximum security prison. It is not an episode of Oz.
*Reading: Psychology, sociology, restorative justice themed material. Most life changing book ever: Shame and Pride: Affect, Sex, and Birth of the Self by Dr. D. Nathanson
*Microsoft Access: I love developing database solutions
Education: Earned AA with an emphasis in Social Science in December 2010 from Lassen Community College. Currently looking for a college or university that offers a BS degree through correspondence.
Community service: I am a founding member, facilitator, and certified facilitator trainer of the Victim's Awareness Offenders Program (VAOP). This program is a restorative justice (RJ) based program created to assist inmates in developing an understanding of the impact of the crime on victims and society. I am also a peer educator within the prison, delivering information reading infectious diseases and education materials related to the consequences of high-risk behavior.
Community service mission: Having created victims, I now get to help in the healing process of victims. Having committed crime, I now get the opportunity to prevent crime. Having once embraced criminal thinking, I now challenge criminal thinking.
In-prison mantra: "The life I want in society, I must live in prison."
Life mantra: "Although it may be hopeless, it's not that serious."

[photo of a man wearing glasses. He has a black mustache and his hands are held behind his back. He is standing in front of a blue sky, blue sea painted mural.]

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