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Name: John Weston V90276
Age: 40-something
Religion: Messianic Judaism
Location: Box 409060 Ione, CA 95640 (mail welcomed)

Welcome, seekers of enlightenment. Or is this just plain drivel? You decide. I must warn you that the author of these blogs is very... shall I say... opinionated? With this in mind, it is the author's intent that you will enjoy reading the opinions, information, and truths contained herein.

This profile page does not contain a "biography" of the author, nor will it contain endless boring chatter about how I was framed or I'm wrongly convicted, etc. The truth is what it is, and those involved know their part. Just as Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers and taken to Egypt, so too was I sold into the CDCR, but ultimately for a greater purpose than the evil intents of the evil conspirators. Enough said on the subject.

I am not a lifer and as such will not have to go before a parole board seeking to make my case for release. I have a guaranteed date for release and since I've completed 7+ years to date without "incident" being a model prisoner, I will do everything within my power to make sure I am released on said date. There is so much to be done out there upon my release.

The following blog posts will be mainly about Biblical subjects or ideas, inspirations, etc. I always welcome comments and debates on any of these subjects.

Please enjoy,

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