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Kambui Oginga Yero

[colored photo of a young man in dreadlocks. He is standing against a white wall with his hands behind his back.]

Mr. No Games

Hello, ladies!

Well, Ms. Future, I'm currently incarcerated till 2016 and I'm looking to meet that special woman who I can call "My Queen" and build something from a fan, if you're willing!

I'm looking for a woman who's open-minded to my situation at the moment and not so quick to judge me. I want someone who's gonna be loving, supportive, motivational, loyal, and loves to laugh.

I'm a 35 year old MAN, 5'10", about 175 lbs. I love to dance, roller skate, love all kinds of music, and watching movies, plot like to travel. I'm bold, I say what or how I feel. I'm an open book about my life.

So, Ms. Future, if you know that you can be that special woman or queen that I need on my side, then please write me at this name and address when you have the time.

Kambui Oginga Yero
Burnis Beecher #974399
PO Box 1111
Carlisle, IN 47838

May only REAL, down-to-earth women reply!