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Greetings to all!

My name is Joseph Andrew Perez, a poet and an aspiring author, forsaken in America's largest death camp: San Quentin State Prison's "condemned row". Reaching out to humanity to find hope, help, love, and intimacy.

Deprived of life and liberty, I aim to use the remainder of my grief-stricken existence in these subhuman conditions for self-improvement to not only make myself a better man, but to share my story and pray that the wayward youth can learn from my plight, enriching their lives.

I was born and raised in San Francisco, California's finest Excelsior District. I've the great privilege of being mixed with the two most passionate and tempered ethnicities: Puerto Rican and Irish. I've got deep Pacific Ocean blue eyes, a bald head, and a well-kept reddish brown mustache and half beard. I stand at 5'8", weigh 178 lbs., 41 years young, and born beneath the vivacious Virgo zodiac sign on Sept. 1st.

I'm searching for sincere, trustworthy, and direction-oriented people that can bring into fruition my poetry and books, as well as be that guiding light to free my mind from this tortuous reality.

The only question I have for you now is, "Do you find my rare qualities and unique characteristics to be your flavor?" If so, please by all means, waste not another millisecond and respond forthwith. I'll be waiting right at the bars to answer all, postage permitting, to enjoy an honest, straightforward, fulfilling, and equal companionship before the light of my soul is snuffed out.

In Search of Hope,

Joey Perez
#T-42655 / 3-EY-17
San Quentin State Prison
San Quentin, CA 94974

[three photos of Joey. One is where he is in a top hat, the other two have him looking at the camera and smiling. One has him sitting in a chair.]

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