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From the depths of despair, I cry as a voice from the wilderness. I do not resign myself to this fate, in spite of the state's intention to see me go the way of the dodo bird. I have a sincere belief in a higher power that allows me to transcend what the state may want to do. As you read the paper and watch the news, God's existence can be questioned.

Well, I'm going to tell you whatever you may believe in, be of good cheer and know that the race doesn't go to the swift but he who endures.

The story of Job is a good example of how nothing stops a determined man. I am that man. My name is as the forgotten one in history. I look for the ones who seek the divine knowledge and know that the road is paved with difficulty.

I enjoy conversations about religion and the various meanings that are gleaned in life. I look for travelers in search of the untold. I believe that everyone should be heard and I'm willing to respond in kind. There is no limit to what the mind can do.

My story doesn't begin when I arrived at San Quentin but rather as a misunderstood youth. At the age of 23, I was captured and thereafter deprived of my liberties and freedom. I knew that I could not let this beat me or destroy my soul. Anything worth doing is worth doing well. And so I struggle, strive, and bite to get the message out there. How can you sit idle and do nothing? You won't cry over a seal getting bludgeoned to death, or a dog being mistreated and left malnourished, but you'll remain silent as humans are mentally, emotionally, and physically tortured!

Yesterday is a memory, tomorrow is a dream. Our reality is in this present moment. In developing compassion, we care for those we love and those we know. Eventually, we'll even care for those we do not like and do not know. It has been there the whole time.

Javier Victorianne AKA Asad Hakim
San Quentin, California 94964-0001


This is a step into a familiar realm for many a seeker of enlightenment, "religion." This will not be a place where anyone will disrespect or belittle anybody's ideas of what or who the Most High is. What we will do is put together a multi-faith prayer box. We will pray for any and all that request it.

All we ask is that, as prayers are answered, that you post and share them with the rest of the group.

I will submit articles on different faiths from time to time among other surprises I will have for the brothers and sisters. May the light of the Most High guide you on your way at all times.

Asad Hakim


Miss you so much friend :( praying for you ......this I'd Dave WTF ALOT OF YRS LETS C IF U RESPOND THEN WE MIGHT B ABLE TO TALK!!

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