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Hello my name is:
Anthony Williams

I am a single white male 25 years of age born March 15th 1986 in Kankakee Illinois. I have been ward of the state since I was 5 years old. I am 6'0 ft and weigh 186 lbs. I have long brown hair brown eyes and stocky build. I was adopted at the age of 15 to a family who wrestles professionally. I plan to be trashed In this profession once I'm released in 4 months. I am also planning to be a youth mentor. I am in prison for 1st degree arson. Here is a little about me sorry I don't have a photo but looks aren't all that important if you wish to have a photo write and request with address and I'll send one personally. To contact me write:
Anthony Williams #1143502 H.U 2-D-105
Southeast Correctional Center
300 E, Pedro Simmons Drive
Charleston MD, 63834-1347

I will reveal more if interested leter.

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