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African Rhapsody
African Rhapsody


I am a confident, old-school gentleman with strong young urban overtones. I possess universal character with all-homegrown-principles. I am culturally sound and have strong copper skin that bares obvious African heritage. I carry a delicious sense of humor that is accompanied by a sarcastic smile.

Some of my top priorities include maintaining accurate balance and health, and safety in all areas of my life experience. I honor honesty, loyalty, and heart-mind connections with high regard.

My upbringing was challenging, health, and powerful. My mother and father are my earthly heroes. They gave me gifts of profound caring, confidence, and strength.

I spend my time maintaining the health of my mind and body through exercise, reading, writing, staying aware of global affairs, and creating positive mental images of my awesome near-future and success in music. I am a talented and gifted musical artist.

I believe choices are always made with all our strengths and weaknesses based on all the information that we do and do not have. In my personal experience, this very human condition makes personal growth and development a significant priority and antidote medicine.

So if you respond, I hope your communications will come from deep places of personal experience. I hope that all responses are optimistic, thoughtful, and share a personal solution that has carried you through life, moment by moment, and now to this blog.

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