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Hello, beautiful!

My name is Jeffery Scott. I'm 47 years old, born 8-1-63. I'm 6' at 184 lbs. with black hair and brown eyes, and my skin tone is butterscotch brown. I'm from KCMo; I'm G.E.D. educated with college ambitions. I'm an amateur inventor, amateur only because my invention has yet to be patented. But I am an inventor. I'm also musically inclined person who plays the drums and bass guitar. I write raps and R&B songs. However, I love jazz.

I also love beautiful black women. But I know that love is where you find it. So please don't misunderstand me and think I'm a racist because I'm not. However, I'll admit that I do have a color problem—I see everything in black.

Ladies, the type of woman that I want and need is someone who is generous with their time and willing to show me the finer things in life, and won't mind being my very best friend. My ride or die chick, so to speak. Someone who can, at times of need, soothe my soul and allow me to do the same for them if I can. Someone who keeps it real—no games 'cause games are for kids, and I'm a grown ass man with no time to play!

Now, for all you lovely ladies who read this blog and feel me, don't hesitate to let me know 'cause I want to feel you too!

[colored photo of Jeffery. He's wearing a black hoodie with the hood down and a white baseball cap turned slightly to the right. He isn't smiling but he's looking straight at the camera. His hands are tucked behind his back.]
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