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[colored photo of Rodney smiling. He is wearing a necklace and a white shirt.]

Hello, my name is Rodney Porter.

I am twenty-eight years old and currently serving a life sentence in the loving hands of the Mississippi Dept. of Correcitons.

I am a native of Mississippi, though I have lived in both Alabama and Georgia. Four months after my eighteenth birthday, I was arrested and later convicted. The world famous Southern Boy brand of justice.

Since then, I have obtained my G.E.D. and received an ordination. I have worked very hard to educate myself in every way possible. Every goal I have set for myself, I have achieved. All but the most important: my freedom. But I am working on that, for how long can you keep the wrongly convicted behind bars?

Contact information:
Rodney G. Porter #63775
2999 US Hwy 61 N.
Woodville, MS 39669

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