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Jose Antonino Hernandez
Sid# 11616584 SFFC
48300 Wilson River HWY.
Tillamook OR. 97141

My name is Jose Antonio Hernandez and I'm currently serving a ten year sentence, which I got four years left.

I would like to correspond with anyone with my similar likes and values. I'm open-minded and outgoing, so this could be anybody. My hobbies and likes include poetry, drawing, tattooing, good music, writing short stories, and trying new things in life. I'm posting some poetry on this blog site and drawings in the future. Even though times are tough, it is when creativity prospers the most.

Once I make a friend, I am honest and loyal to them. My family is very important to me.

I hope you like the poetry I have enclosed and hope to share letters, poetry, pictures, and ideas with whoever takes the time to read my profile and blog.

Jose Antonio Hernandez

[colored photo of Jose kneeling in prison garb. His elbows are bent at his knees and his hands are joined together. He is half-smiling at the camera.]

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