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I write this short letter in hopes of seeking a friend. If you're reading this page you already have interest. Let me make you famous with the mail man, because I do enjoy writing. By the way my name is Anthony, my friend call me Tone. I'm 38 years, 180 pounds, 5'8" tall and built very well, brown skin, brown eyes. My hair is shirt with waves with goatee. Right now in life I am single, looking for that special someone. I have a serious demeanor when it comes to relationships, I've been hurt before and wish that on no one. I'm honest because honesty is the best policy in any relationship. Games are for children, I don't play them, and I wish not to have them played on me.

I appreciate honesty, loyalty and trust, even if it hurts, the truth heals better than lies, if your that special someone Holla!

I am as you have read an incarcerated bachelor. Yes I'm in prison for making bad choices and the ultimate decision is this result trying to have money, it cost me my freedom and have accept full responsibility for my acctions. I did this to myself and it hurts I will be paying for my mistake So if you find interest in this page check me.

God Bless!

Race Don't matter.

Anthonty Medearis AC1187
P.O Box 409060
Ione, CA 95640