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[drawing of a sunny beach with simple gulls and bending palm trees.]

Mischelle Wilburn L11750
C Dorm 28 Upper
6044 Greensboro Hwy
Quincy, Florida 32351

Athletic, energetic, funny, intelligent, brilliant... Dramatic at times, but who isn't? :)

Incarcerated for 14 years. 12 months to go, then I will be free. I have a daily routine. Needless to say, I workout (I'm an aerobics instructor). I train service dogs. I'm not a sicko, just a girl who made a wrong choice. I have plenty of stories. Stand by and they will come in time. This will be far from boring. :) I have enclosed a picture of myself and my beautiful mother.

Until next time, my address is at the top of this page! By the way, happy holidays!


Yes, there is a "s" in my name!

[two women standing hugging one another's shoulders and smiling towards the camera. The one on the left is elderly and dressed in a black top. The one on the left is blonde and dressed in prison garb.]

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