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[colored photo of a man standing in front of a wall. He has his hands together in front of him.]

Hello, world! My name is Jay Drummond. I'm 37 years of age. I'm currently incarcerated on death row in Chillicothe, Ohio, 45601 (PO Box 5500, Prisoner ID: 462868). I'm 5'10:, brown-skinned, 197 lbs.

I enjoy reading (non-fictional mostly), staying fit, and listening to music! I mainly stay to myself but, when I correspond with someone from time to time, I do so with those that are involved with growth; and bring in productive thoughts and positive views into the atmosphere, especially being that I'm so laid-back and out of the way! Honesty comes natural to me, as well as loyalty, compassion, genuineness, sincereness, etc. We can get to know each othre and learn much from one another, and not be judgmental. At least, I know that I'm not judgmental!

I'm looking forward to exploring something new in life by building from the bottom up. You'll never get bored with me. I'm waiting to hear from you. Until next time, take care!

Jay Drummond