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Hello, I send warm greetings to the special women of the world, holding down whatever situation that life has dealt you and still standing with the essential qualities of a woman. I applaud your womanly nature.

I present a strong-minded, humorous, truthful gentleman who's striving in education and freedom, goes by the name of Johnathon L. Mayes. But those qualities I would rather display than reiterate.

You see, I'm a soul toucher. If my profile has captured your interest, than more than likely I've begun to touch your soul, and you wouldn't even know it. I know you're thinking at this moment, "This fool is gone nuts." But look at my logic. Smiles are food to the soul, and if I have given you such an expression to your face that shows your teeth, then I've just touched your soul. Are you smiling right now? Consider yourself touched by the great one! I'm just joking. What I really mean is that I can appreciate it when I'm the reason a lady can smile, so smile for me!

This outlet is my incentive for a good dude who has made some mistakes to meet and greet a good woman for a friendship. I want to say poverty taught me to cherish life's benefits and that you grind to get what you want. While grinding, I jeopardized the most precious life benefit: the better half of humanity.

Sincerely written,
Johnathon L. Mayes
P.O. Box 9900
Boscobel, WI 53805

[photo of Johnathon. He has his arms crossed in front of his chest and is giving a timid smile at the camera. His hair is in cornrows. He is standing straight in front of a painted winter landscape.]

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