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August 30, 2012


My name is Larry W. Johnson. I've been locked up since 1995 for armed bank robbery (PTAC) and 1st degree reckless homicide (PTAC). I was 18 years old then, interacting with negative forces that my atmosphere was plagued with. And sometimes, as a kid growing up in the slums, we don't know no better but to dive in with the crowds that raise us. Even though our IQs are normal or above average, we are not perfect and people make life-changing mistakes. It's how you correct your mistakes, how you grow from them that shows you what you're truly made of.

With me, I'm serving a lengthy sentence—no secret. Currently, I'm housed in a medium security prison. I attend college here, but because of the bad economy, I'm only allowed to take what they offer. I'm enrolled in a business administration program to obtain my bachelor's degree with high hopes of owning my own barber shop when I'm free. I spend my time educating myself, writing poetry, music, books, essays, paper projects, movies, etc. Which I will let you review piece by piece, step by step, detail by detail, to get a closer look into my IQ—if you don't mind.

However, put a comment on any blog/story/project/post. I will keep you updated on my every thought I have, will respond weekly—if you're interested, write to me directly (don't be shy, I'm harmless). Until then, from here to there, vibrations are felt. I intro! I outro!

Write to:
Larry W. Johnson #228367
Redgranite Correctional Institution
PO Box 925
Redgranite, WI 54970

Enjoy what it is to be human!

[photo of Larry sitting before a painted mural. He has his hands clasped before him and is looking away from the camera. The camera flash reflects off his thinly framed glasses.]

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