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Hello and God bless.

Being that this world we live in moves at such a fast pace, it's a gift to have this opportunity to share a few words with you and, hopefully, put a smile on your face.

My name is Mr. Thomas Johnson Q. My family and friends call me Q. I am in my early forties, a handsome hunk of a real MAN at 6'1", honey dark brown skin, shaved head, with a goatee at 255 lbs., with a few tasteful tattoos. At this time in my life, it would be an honor to meet and correspond with a pen-pal who shares some of the same interests that I do. I am a strong black king looking for a true friend and/or queen.

The pen-pal I'm seeking has to have a firm mindset, self-esteem, a radiant inner beauty, love themselves for whom they are as a person, dream big, have confidence in themselves, enjoy life to the fullest, be loyal, honest, and place God first and keep family in their lives, in its proper perspective as well as accepting love and giving love freely. Real love is life.

Well, we only live once so we must retain our joy and live life to its fullest each and every day, through the good times and the bad. If given the opportunity, I'll be here for you even if you feel as though no one else will be.

Keeping it 100,

Write me at:

Mr. T. Johnson Q, H-85236
P.O. Box 500
China, CA 91708

Photo of the author. He is squatting and smiling in front of an ocean mural. He is wearing a watch and a silver cross.

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