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Hello. My name is Joseph Dickey. I am a 43 years old, white male, currently serving a 135 years sentence in a Federal Prison for crimes I did not commit. Furthermore, many of the crimes I am charged with did not even happen. However, I am not going to blog about any of that because I realize no one would believe me nor is this a forum in which anything "legally" can happen to change my situation. I will wait on the wheals of justice to undo this horrible nightmare I am living.
One of my favourite movies was "Dances with wolves" with Kevin Costner. Costner's character encountered a wild frontier in which he at first could not understand yet, slowly he became part of it. I have never been in trouble in my life nor did I understand any aspect of prison life. My humor, family support, faith and willingness to observe and learn has allowed me to survive this far and I am slowly becoming part of this wild culture. I hope to share with you some of this bizarre world in which I live. Therefore, in the spirit of "Dances with the wolves" I am calling my blog "Dances with Thugs".

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