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Please find my new blog post with my profile page. To wit:

I would like to express a fair greeting of appreciation for you allowing your eyes to be your ears to the musical to tone of my deep voice through the stroke of my pen, as I sit within these walls within a personal place of secret beauty and tranquility (mentally), allowing silence to fill my mouth as my intellect speak words of a different dialect. For in composing this letter, I seek companionship and compassion of my desire to ratify a line of communication with a voluptuous plus size woman who understands companionship and all that comes with: honesty, respect, sincerity, truest, passion, loyalty, compassion, commitment, and communication.

Yes, the fabric of my soul yearns to feel the essence of both love and compassion burns with the heat of a thousand suns, yet my situation is a dilemma in my desire to encounter and have what I know to be both true and very real as heart, refuses to give up on obtaining love and passion that I wholeheartedly deserve!

As you've begun to wonder and question: who is this person (Leonard) who wishes to make all your seasons change for all the right reasons?

Well, Beautiful, I'm a gentleman standing at 6'1" and weighing 197 pounds, with a slim, muscular build, caramel complexion, and a shaved head. I have no children. I'm forty-four years old, the baby of five siblings. I'm educated, from Kansas City, Missouri, seeking a long-term relationship with one of no hypocrisy, as I'm tired of being lied to, stepped on, walked all over; when my only desire is to become that special someone to a woman who will stand with me one hundred percent!

Sweetheart, I am in no way holding a desire to put you in a problematic situation of any kind nor am I trying to damage your personal or professional standing in the world that matters most to you. I simply wish to share in ways that I've never had the opportunity to experience!

I'm very thankful in this moment and opportunity of the Heavenly Father guiding my steps to reach out to one who's real and very serious where companionship is concerned, and I look forward to some day looking into your eyes seeing the every dream my heart as imagined as well as promises of joys yet to come. A woman of reminiscent beauty who helps me to feel certainty when I knock at the door of your heart for acceptance. Let me feel magic in the chemistry that can never really be put into words, for some of the most beautiful things are found in some of the most unexpected places!

A love beyond measure is the very feeling that embraces my heart as I am asking for acceptance within your life. I would like to know if it's your compassionate soul, the way you love so deeply, or the way in which you're contemplating about cherishing my heart as a gift to you, as I am asking you to love me as I will always treat you as the precious jewel you are!

As this letter comes to an end, I am filled with emotion due to the depth of my adoration for companionship, love, respect, honesty, understanding, compassion, and communication can neither be truly explained nor measured and will not change even with my death. God bless you!


Leonard B. Lawris #173750
Southeast Correctional Center
300 East Pedro Simmons Drive
Charleston, MO 63834-1347

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