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Daniel L. Van de Bogart
T-81483 M.C.I. Norfolk
P.O. BOX 43
Norfolk, MA. 02056

Hello and welcome. I'm glad you've taken the time to view my blog. My name is Daniel and I am a "lifer." That is not WHO I am but rather a condition by which I live as I am serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

Now before you mistake this for a bleak pity party let me assure you this blog is not intended for me to air my woes. I am very aware of the reality of my situation and though I would much rather be in the mountains trout fishing I have come to terms with my walk in this life and have come to realize that prison life is a microcosm of life in the "outside" world. We face many of the same obstacles, hardships, emotions, and yes even growth spurts. :) I think the tight confines of the prison tend to magnify much of the experience and of course there are obvious differences, yet I don't see myself as being any "worse off" than anyone else. I simply have to adapt to my environment in the best way possible so as to live as good a life as I am able.

So that is what I intend my blogging to reflect, the realities of adapting to a life sentence, what I have done over the years, what things have lead me to this place, and what I do throughout my day to continue becoming a better man.

I will do my best to post once or twice a week, but please keep in mind I am at the mercy of "snail mail" when it comes to sending my posts. I welcome any and all feedback, so feel free to ask anything and I will always do my best to respond, again keeping in mind the lag-time of the mail department.

I am an artist and a musician. I use my artwork to support my purchases of music equipment. From time to time I will post artwork and any who are interested please contact me at the above address or via my blog site. I do entertain special orders, portraits of family, pets, I do landscapes and even tattoo scratch. I supported myself for quite a few years in the "max" doing tattoos specializing in cover-ups and scar covering. Almost all of my work is freehand. (Photos of my work are in this posting). I am in medium custody now and they frown on tattoos here so that avenue is closed to me. Yes I miss it. :)

I am looking forward to taking this journey with all of you and am looking forward to hearing from any and all with your feedback.

Enjoy every day - each one is an amazing gift.


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