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Photo cutout of a blond woman with blue eyes looking at the viewer.
Photo cutout of a black and white photo of the author as a child. Looks like it was taken at school.
Photo of the author as a young man (teenager?), taken within a house with a staircase. He is wearing a suit and tie, and has a stoic expression on his face.

Hello, I am Marvin Kendall Chaplin. I was born in Columbus, IN in 1956 (5/9/56).

Under California's 3 Strikes Law, I was given four life sentences for bank robbery with a note. Four life sentences.

There were many aspects of my life following the divorce of my parents, Ida and Marvin Chaplin, at the age of three. I was cast out into the world. Molestation began when I was four years old. I traveled all over the United States from 1972 till 1987. Lived in Florida, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, San Diego, and finally beautiful Encinitas, CA in 1979, 10/10/79 to be exact.

I'm a musician and artist. I love art, music, and life.

This blog will tell life stories. I stopped believing in me. Maybe too soon!

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