June 13, 2013

For: Ashleyshari and Smedley

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For: Ashleyshari AND Smedley

I am putting this as another post but I hope both of you get a chance to read it. First of all, thanks for reading my blog and responding. I always get the responses even though it may take several days.

I think one of the problems with out justice system is the inmates themselves. I like to call it "The Little Boy who cried Wolf" syndrome. Inmates lie! Then they lie more and more. Then they lie again. I work with an inmate who tells everyone he has a PdD, a Master's from MIT, owns casinos, etc. He has a GED and $32.00 on his prison account. This is so common in prison. Not only do they lie about stuff like that, they submit tons of motions to the court in which they swear they are innocent. [even though they are on video doing the crime]. Because of this, the courts naturally assume most all claims made by inmates are lies. As a result, my motions are lumped in with these outlandish claims. BUT here is the problem. What if the absurd events I claim really did happen? How do I get someone to listen? I feel like my lawyer, the government and "powers that be" know this therefore they have an unspoken "green light" to circumvent justice any time they want to. THAT is the problem with the "system."

A lawyer was forced upon me for my "2255" hearing because I was poor and in the court's view poor = ignorance. My primary claim was actual innocence. This lawyer told me "I personally think you are guilty." He then went on to make claims that I told him we were going to lose on [AGAINST my demands]. I lost for the exact reason I TOLD HIM and the court I was going to lose on. My claims are 100% true and he did refuse to contact my alleged victims and he did tell me he personally thought I was guilty. This is hard to believe even though it is true. Sex crimes are so hated that many times a defendant's own lawyer will not listen to his client. Who wants to defend a "child molester?" In MOST cases the defendant did exactly what he is charged with doing and it is sickening.

However, the key word that I used above was "MOST" --- not ALL. I know what people think, I live it every day. They can't see past the fact I USED TO run child development centers. But my case has NOTHING --- ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with that. I was an HR manager when I was arrested and my "alleged victims" are not in any way related to my past jobs. I don't think any lawyer I have ever had has taken the time to even read my case!

Back to my point of ths post. [Forgive my venting again]. My point was to thank everyone for reading my blog and responding AND to let everyone know that I do realize I am viewed as a liar, scum and everything else the skillful government attorneys called me. I actually forgive them. It was their job. There are scum, monsters, and liars out there. The only problem is............in this case..........you let him go home with not a single charge! [sorry had to say that one more time]


P.S. You do realize everything I say about this "other man" is in his affidavit that was used to get a search warrant for my house. These things I say about him are FACTS. Not just me saying "it's not fair he did it all." He really did. It is established FACTS.


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Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post.

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