June 18, 2013

Still Life with Bombers

From The Uncommon Criminal by Kyle De Wolf (author's profile)


May 19, 2013

Still Life with Bombers
Israel in the Age of Terrorism
David Horovitz

Alfred A. Knopf, 2004
266 pages

An account of the failure of the peace process and the outbreak of violence,
this book impresses me most with the bad faith, dishonesty, and hypocrisy of
Zionism, which is certainly not the author's intention. As a sniveling Zionist twerp,
he just can't help himself.

So let me get this straight: The Jews seized control of the land through violence
and terrorism, and established a Jewish state on Palestinian land, in order to
privilege members of one religion and ethnicity. Now they expect Palestinians
to surrender to Jewish demands on Jewish terms in exchange for peace, or
face continued occupation and oppression on the fragments of land the Jews
are prepared to let them keep. If the Palestinians don't accept the Jews'
oh so generous concessions, it is all their fault. And the Jews keep gobbling
up more and more land.

It is as if you seized my home, killed my children, and raped my wife.
Then when I rushed at you to kill you, you said, "whoa, whoa, buddy.
I'll let you keep a couple rooms in the house, and give you safe passage
through the hallway, in exchange for peace. But that is the best I can
offer you. Anything more would threaten my residence here." How about
you just get the fuck out of my house? How about I just grab a shotgun
and blast you? So then, of course, you beat the living crap out of me
and blame me for the violence.

In a fine display of hypocrisy, the author repeatedly challenges the Palestinian
Authority to use aimed violence to crack down on militants within the Palestinian
community, but give up armed struggle and commit to non-violence in its "negotiations"
with Israel. So which is it, violence or non-violence? Well, let's see, what's good
for the Jews? Armed violence against Palestinian resistance fighters is good, and the
PA must actively collaborate in that violence to demonstrate their commitment to
"peace." Armed violence against Zionist settlers, occupiers, and colonists is absolutely
wicked and must not be condemned under any circumstances.

The author unhelpfully suggests that if the Palestinians had a leader committed
to nonviolence like Nelson Mandela instead of a terrorist like Yasser Arafat,
things would be different. Yet Nelson Mandela publicly embraced Arafat, and in
the sixties he spoke in favor of armed struggle in his own country. I happen
to be reading a book about Mandela, and he did not condemn armed struggle
against oppression. So that is dishonest as well.

In my opinion, the state of Israel is not legitimate. The Jews are not God's
"chosen people" (as if s/he would play favorites with her children) and do not have
an eternal right to the land. A two state solution would not be viable. The best
hope for peace would be for Jews and Arabs to share the land and live side
by side in a single state of all the people, by all the people, and for all the
people. The Zionist project and the dream of a Jewish state should be scrapped.
The Zionist project is not God's will and it is not even good for Jews. It is, and
always has been, a fraud. When there is justice for Palestinians, there will be
peace for Jews. But Israel has got to go.

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