July 4, 2013
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Kyle De Wolf

Thank you for your comments. Victor Malarik explains
the intent behind Swedish prostitution laws in "The Johns."
In a nutshell, the law presumes that all women who engage
in the sex trade are victims of coercion. Therefore, it would
not be fair to punish the victims of sex trafficking. Yet
the state still wishes to protect women and discourage
prostitution by punishing the men who solicit prostitutes.

I object to the reasoning behind the law. I have met
women who wished to engage in the sex trade because
they had strong libidos, enjoyed sex, and felt that it was
an easy way to make money. I have also known of men who
solicited prostitutes and strippers because they were lonely and
desperate for some kind of female attention, even if they had
to pay for it. Who is exploiting whom?

I acknowledge that the exploitation of women is a serious
problem, but the Swedish law strikes me as ideological and
unfairly biassed against men. When a Swedish lawmaker was
confronted by women who said that they had freely chosen
to become sex workers, and nobody had pressured them into it,
she retorted, "Well, I know better! I KNOW that no one chooses
to become a prostitute." Her comment illustrated for me the
heavy-handed paternalism of the Swedish state.

I would suggest, first of all, that sex workers should establish
unions and worker-owned collectives to protect them from abuse
and exploitation. Brothels should be allowed to keep sex workers
off the street corners and alleyways. Even the UN has called
for the legalization of prostitution. The state's heavy-handed
tactics will not prevent people from exchanging sex for money,
but it will drive prostitution into the darker corners of society,
where abuse and exploitation are more likely to occur. In my
opinion, street sweepers keep the streets clean, not intrusive
laws against private, consenting sexual activity.

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