July 21, 2013

Wisdom's Feast

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11 June 2013

Wisdom's Feast
Sophia in Study and Celebration
Susan Cole, Marian Ronan, Hal Taussig

Sheed & Ward 1986
228 pp. $14.95

A work of feminist theology found in the chapel library. It identifies the figure of Wisdom, or Sophia, found in biblical literature as a cosmic power and female counterpart of God. In such books as Proverbs, Wisdom and Sirach, the wisdom of Go is personified as a woman. The book explores the spiritual potential as well as limitations of Sophia for contemporary men and women building a feminist theology and spirituality. In the New Testament, Sophia is embodies in Jesus Christ. Sophia takes the place of Jesus for women struggling with the male embodiment of the divine. The theoretical chapters are very interesting; the instructions on group study and liturgy are very dry. In my opinion, positing Sophia as a female counterpart to a male God still makes women subordinate within the Godhead. But since God is ismple in her nature and attributes (not divisible into parts), God is identical with her wisdom. Thus Sophia is not a female counterpart to God, but rather God herself in the aspect of wisdom. In trinitarian terms, Sophia would best be understood as the second person of the Holy Trinity.


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Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post.

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