Dec. 9, 2014

Controversy Boils Between Notorious Murders and Cosmetics Giant Max Factor Heir Andrew Luster

by Eugene Weems (author's profile)



By: Eugene L. Weems

Ione, California - In the shadow of the world lies a far less obvious place known as Mule Creek State Prison where many of the world's most notorious criminals and murderers reside. Psychos, in the likeness of the Menendez brothers, Charles "Tex" Watson, Robert John Bardo and Andrew Stewart Luster who will always be predators and residents of an electric gated resort.

It is troubling and disturbing for me to have to co-exist with and listen to predators such as these criminals who have tormented society and its members. Monsters like them have scarred the fabric of this country's history in ways that will never heal. Society would like to think that closure comes in the form of incarcerating or executing these psychotic individuals.

This is contrary and far from the truth. We cannot close the chapters of this torment nor erase the destruction left behind by these individuals, even in the wake of their demise. However, we can instead educate ourselves and prepare ahead by not being naïve in the sense of thinking these type of individuals are otherwise honing their predatory skills. Feeding their negative learned behaviors and psychological disorders with like minds, and seeking alternative ways to wreak havoc from within the confinements of State and Federal Correctional Facilities.

I had begun a project to deter at-risk youth from gangs, criminal activities, and drug abuse and to de-glamorize the perception of prison. The project consisted of a compilation of experiences narrated by notorious gang members of different organizations and ideology. As well, upper-middle class and non-gang affiliated prisoners are included.

I scouted the prison population for bona-fide gangsters and solid individuals who did not have rape cases, crimes against children or the elderly. In doing so, I was approached by several high notoriety inmates who were seeking a venue to be heard and seeking an opportunity to share the untold side of their story. Therefore, for them I decided to provide that podium.

Robert Bardo was one of those people. In the process of giving him a podium in which his voice could be heard, he began to ask for items that cause me great concern and discomfort. He professed his obsession for his victim Rebecca Shaeffer the movie star he murdered. He asked if I could obtain song lyrics from the internet for him that would remind him of better memories with Rebecca. I had become angry at his insane requests and infatuation for this woman he stalked and murdered in cold blood. I had to convince myself what I was doing would serve a greater purpose to the community. Providing society with an inside look into the mind of a stalker.

Andrew Stuart Luster, the heir of the multibillion-dollar Max Factor Cosmetics line, was a different case. The convicted rapist who immobilized his victims with the date rape drug GHB could not care less about helping at-risk kids. He had a different motive and objective and saw an opportunity to capitalize.

He wasted no time soliciting my help to tell his side of the story with hope that it is put in book form that would offer an alternative explanation for his crimes that might cast a reasonable doubt in the minds of the public and that may influence the judicial process.

Luster informed me that his attorneys had been working diligently on his appeal and it was imperative that he find ways to start structuring a positive image that would appease and appeal to the public.

He began to recreate this false perception of himself by manipulating his way onto a prison base petition advocating for the dissolution of contact visiting privileges for convicted child molesters.

Andrew Luster had approached inmate LaMerle R. Johnson, the author of the aforementioned petition, with the promise of financial support. Luster also elected his own mother to visit LaMerle in an effort to convince LaMerle to go along with his scheme, and to assure him that he would be financially compensated. You can view the petition that featured Andrew Luster's signature at:

While composing the book with Andrew Luster he shared detailed accounts about his sexual escapades he had with his victims to help me understand his situation so that I could better assist him with composing a book that would influence, confuse, or present that reasonable doubt he needed to circumvent the judicial system. Luster expressed that he been granted an evidentiary hearing by the court of appeals and he instructed his attorneys to present evidence that would support his position. He goes on to say that one of the women in his case has been paid off to recant her statement and his case was all about money from the start. He tells me that one of the victims was his girlfriend who saw several of his bank statements, knew of his wealth, and wanted a quick payday. I allowed him to rehash his story as if I had a right to the info. He shares in details his acts as if I was a sick like-minded rapist as he. I felt intuitively that a great and disturbing change had taken place deep within my soul and Luster was too feeble minded to realize it. I had to swallow my dislike and judgment of him in order to achieve my goal. I wanted to know what really goes on in the mind of these types of people. What triggers such inhuman desires? Therefore, I just listened and watched the excitement that sparkled in his eyes as he relived the sexual acts as he told his side of the story.

Then there was Charles "Tex" Watson, another wild minded and unstable soul. A notorious murderer in every essence of the word. Although the length of time he had already served in prison had not persuaded him from criminal thinking. He had founded his own calling and passion to lead, outside of being the poster boy and known as the flunky of his co-defendant Charles Manson. Watson is now the new Manson within the prison system. He is the Pastor and leader of his own Christian cult inside the prison. He has formed and alliance with a prison group called NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association) who openly participate in predatory acts. Yes, Charles "Tex" Watson leads these molesters. To what? A controversy heated battle between inmate LaMerle Johnson who leads a group of inmates who rallied to petition against the integration of HIV/AIDS infected inmates into the general population, and to change CDCR(California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation) title 15 Rules and Regulations of adult institutions. A rule that allows convicted child molesters from contact visitation with their own kids or any other minor.

Charles "Tex" Watson and his followers did not agree with or approve of what LaMerle Johnson was advocating. Therefore, Watson teamed up with one of the Menendez brothers, Lyle Menendez, to deter LaMerle in his efforts. Watson warned Johnson to discontinue hi petition campaign or else. When Johnson would not, Watson began to make death threats to Johnson's life. What is shocking and disturbing to me, is the current prison job Watson holds. I am appalled that California Mule Creek State Prison would authorize and assign Watson to a hazmat position. For those who do not know what a hazmat is, it is a person who cleans up blood, feces and any other unsanitary or hazardous matters in the prison. Even in prison, he is provided with the tools and opportunities to quench his deranged desires. We can only wonder what the future holds for individuals like-minded as these notorious criminals. What will transpire from this battle of the psychopaths? Only time will tell. We can only hope that psychologists can find a cure to treat this mental illness. Until then, we must remain informed and as I always say; "Stay ready so you don't have to get ready."

Eugene L Weems
P.O. Box 92
Chowchilla, CA 96310


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SAH Posted 4 years, 11 months ago. ✓ Mailed 4 years, 10 months ago   Favorite
wow. very well written. not sure what you were hoping to accomplish but kudos for putting it out in a very direct way.

Eugene Weems Posted 4 years, 9 months ago.   Favorite
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frank Posted 4 years, 5 months ago. ✓ Mailed 4 years, 4 months ago   Favorite
Keesearching and figuring out what the next move can possibly be is a service to the American people thank you

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