Jan. 28, 2015

Soul Of Hatred (Chp. 3)

by Eugene Weems (author's profile)



By Eugene Weems


Three men exited a silver Land Rover to enter the autumn early morning cool air. The driver and front passenger clutched a bottle of Miller Genuine Draft in their hand while the back seat passenger removed two huge duffles then shouldered them by their thick leather straps. The men motioned towards the motel room to key the door. Channel and Tiny Puff made their way across the street unnoticed, pulling out their weapon's, keeping them concealed from plain view.

The area activity was at a minimum, making things virtually quiet. As they advanced toward their target's, Channel tightened his grip around the Desert Eagle, as he saw two of the men's silhouettes through the motel window. Music had came to lie that could be heard outside the door faintly. "Yeah mutha fucka's, I got that ass now", Channel murmured below a whisper, aiming his weapon towards the window. Then nodded his head at Tiny Puff to try the door knob. With caution, Tiny Puff gently turned the knob as Channel waited patiently to see of the door would open. Tiny Puff's gloved hands gripped his weapon tightly with anticipation. The door was locked. He turned towards Channel and shook his head. Channel nodded his head to indicate kicking in the door. Without warning the door opened up on the three men and the night silence became loud from rapid gunfire. The three men had no chance of survival and nothing else inside the room had life for that matter. Tiny Puff hustled inside the once lit room and Channel followed.

They quickly checked the room to make sure no one else was inside. Channel shouldered the two duffle bags and then signaled to Tiny Puff with his gun to vacate. They swiftly made way out of the room. Heat, was now parked by the curve waiting on their return while Brandish stood outside the truck crouched down with his weapon drawn just in case they needed backup. They stormed into the truck. The police sirens could be heard in the distance.

"Ease up, heavy foot", Channel said. "No need to bring attention to us." as they went down Casino Center Drive. They had no problem running into green lights, but Heat didn't relax until she made it to her crib.


Greg McCuddy and Jesus Varquez pulled up in front of Sugar Hills Bar on Chamberlain Street. They entered the dimly lit bar that also was a neighborhood liquor for the usual customers and made their way over to the far end of the bar.

McCuddy was a regular and he took up his usual sitting arrangement facing towards the entrance so he could see who was coming and going. There was only one way in and one way out. He knows by past experience that his favorite hangout spot could become very dangerous by the city thugs that lurked in the darken shadows. He wanted to make sure he had an even chance to react and retaliate to any danger that may threaten his life or the lives of others inside.

"Well, well, look what loneliness had dragged in...You must be cunt hunting!" Dian Smith exclaimed with a devilish grin, revealing sparkling white, even teeth from behind the bar. McCuddy looked her up and down to admire her honey roasted smooth complexion and the dark curls that draped her delicate golden shoulders. The lush breasts that seemed to be staring at him and his partner seem to want to pop out of the no question, red crop scoop tank'top that displayed her washboard stomach and diamond navel ring. She stood wide legged in a pair of stretch white jeans that outlined her thick hips and thighs, which was more than a full course meal for any hungry man's appetite of sexual desire.

McCuddy could recall the many times he saw other lustful-eyed men scoping Dian's round ass and he was one of her main admirers.

"Greg baby," she said as McCuddy gazed up into her penetrating hazel eyes that sparkled like a gem. "I heard you was involved in the murders of those kids doing an unauthorized sweep?", she paused to probe his face and continued..."See how your ass done got yourself into some hot water and ain't no cold water around to cool you off. I'm surprised they haven't fired your black ass yet." If only she had known her words were on the money, but McCuddy wasn't about to confirm her speculation. "Like I've told you many times before and I'll say it again, you need to change careers and find you a good woman to settle down with and start a family. That's what you need to do before you get yourself killed...by the way, who is your handsome friend?"

Good morning to you too, Dian," McCuddy said overlooking her question about his partner. "I never knew you cared so much about my well being and happiness, but it's good to know that I have a secret admirer who's loving me at a distance, you should just stop playing hard to get and just ask me to marry you and we wouldn't have to be going through these lectures of concern you always seem to find yourself pushing up on me with."

Dean leaned onto the bar to glance closely at him to see if he was serious, interrupting his intimate stare, then she smiled at his flirtatious words and said, "Yeah, you must be insane or a sick one." She placed the back of her right hand against his forehead assuming that he could be coming down with a fever. "In your dreams baby," she said, removing her hand before ambling off.

McCuddy and Varquez watched her body sway gracefully as if she was keeping up with a rhythmic beat that no one heard but herself. That hips moved, but it seemed as if it was part of her as she walked down to the other end of the bar to wait on a customer.

"Varquez man, now that's what you call fine there, a take home to momma type of woman."

"I have to agree with you on that, buddy. She's a real knockout. How about introducing us?"

McCuddy turned towards Varquez with arched eyebrows and a forced weak smile on his face, then turned back towards Dian before answering..."I think not, you way out of your league there. She's not into Hispanics anyway."

"And how do you know that McCuddy?"

"Because I just know!"

Varquez could hear the disapproval registered in McCuddy's voice when he inquired about Dian. He knew that McCuddy's hidden feelings went deep for Dian, but she was open game, free to choose who she wanted, Varquez assured himself, so he inquired. "You know what McCuddy?" he began. "If I didn't kow any better I would think you are cock-blocking and just can't see a Mexican with a sister." McCuddy turned towards him now with a frown of frustration and anger fixed firmly on his face. "Listen man, don't get all hyped up because she called you handsome. That's just her way to try and make me jealous. It's just a game women play and another thing, I'm not cock-blockin'. I'm just claiming turf, that gem there is off limits; that brick house is staying in the black community. So if you want to go find a sista to bump heads with, then be my guest, but Dian is off limits because I'm the only one who is going to be crawling up in that, do you feel my pain, friend?" McCuddy stress the word "friend" strongly with a threatening edge. The barely controlled anger in his words frightened Varquez. Then McCuddy forced a smile in hopes to take the sting out of his words. Varquez knew it was best for him to back off.

"Yes, I hear you loud and clear, partner," he patted McCuddy on the shoulder. "Now, how about that drink you promised me?" They both smiled at each other. McCuddy waved his hand at Dian to come take their order, and without delay she placed a double shot of rum with limon in front of each of them, knowing McCuddy's usual.

"This is on the house," she announced. McCuddy captured her eyes with his own, probing her mind and soul of the desire that she hid deep within.

"Dian, how about you and I take up breakfast after your shift is over? We need to talk," McCuddy asked. She shook her head in negation not trusting her own desire. She was most vulnerable by his straight forwardness and deep sexy smooth voice that was invasive and manipulative and she didn't want to chance having her heart broke by a man who wasn't ready for an honest commitment. She had known what he wanted to talk about because they had performed these acts of a breakfast date on many of occasions with the same line of 'we need to talk' being the heading and reason for the date. And it always ended up with their tongues lingering together with their own intimacies, but not this time she assured herself and walked off to check up on her customers.


Charmain Sparks cellphone rang and she ignored it until she realized whomever was trying to reach her wasn't going to give up trying. She grabbed it to stop the shrill noise. "Hello, Detective Sparks speaking," she answered.

"Detective Sparks, this is detective West Morgan. Is Detective Nab Duncan around" I've tried his cell but I continue to get his answering machine." He said, not waiting for a reply as he continued. "I understand that you both have been assigned to the Heat case and at this moment, I'm standing at a triple homicide scene where three men, approximately in their late twenties or early thirties had been brutally gunned down." "Detective Morgan, do you have a make on the victims?" Detective Sparks asked.

"No ma'am, we haven't been able to identify either of the deceased. Neither of them had any form of identification on their persons."

"Hold on Detective Morgan and thank you." Charmain Sparks called out to Nab. He turned toward her and she held the phone out to him. "Telephone...it's Detective West Morgan from the division." Nab looked at Charmain curiously more with a question of confusion before taking the call.

"Yeah, Duncan, what can I do for you Morgan?" He listened for a few minutes and then a frown-lined marked his forehead. "We just about wrapped it up here. We'll be there in ten minutes", Duncan said and hung up.


"Home girl what's up with the grub?" Tiny Puff asked walking inside the house holding the MP-5 loosely in his left hand. "You done got me high as hell and now don't want to feed me, now that's not even cool at all."

"Little Dawg, we got plenty of food in the kitchen and all the junk food you want in the pantry. I know that's what you want anyway." Channel said trailing behind him and Heat with the duffles in each hand. "Man, just let me get to the X-Box or the Play Station 2, so I can smash on some NFL Street and Tony Hawks Underground and I'm cool", Brandish admitted.

"Dawg, you know that Heat just bought me that Star Wars Knight 2 and Metal Gear Solid 3 man, they are off the hook. Just wait until you play them. You are going to be hooked", Channel said.

"Man, Channel, Heat always gettin' you all the newest games but she never look our for her Lil' Dawg", Tiny Puff pouted.

"Dawg if you don't stop it! What you think my girl suppose to do. I'm her man and you just her homeboy, of course she's going to take care of big daddy, because I'm the one who's laying that pipe down on that. Now when you find yourself a woman, then maybe you wouldn't be so worried about what my woman is doing for me", Channel said, then lightly shoved one of the duffle bags into the back of Puff's legs causing his to loose his balance and then he laughed at this act.

"Blood, you better stop playing so much", Tiny Puff said in a whisper voice and headed towards the kitchen. The two story five bedroom, three and a half bathroom house was spacious. Each room was furnished with African King size beds and 60" flats. The living room area was elegantly furnished in Oriental article's which was off limits to everyone. The den was elegantly furnished with peanut butter leather sofa's positioned around a mahogany coffee table. The matching end tables sate on the sides of the sofa, and a 71' Sony floor model TV sat across from the mahogany book shelf. The room had a built-in bar and a computer station sat on an angle in one corner. A double fireplace could be enjoyed from the living room and den. Expensive framed paintings covered the walls and the ceiling was finished with intricate African art molding and two ceiling fans windmilling at low speed. Everyt type of game station that was out on the market was out and displayed on the wall unit that was positioned around the floor model TV. The dinette room had an antique China cabinet, a table that sits eight, decorated with fine China and crystal.

Heat hustled upstairs to her master bedroom and began preparing for a bath. She placed two fragrant bath beads into the jacuzzi tub as it filled with water, lit the half melted candles around the tub and blew out the match she held between her fingers. A faint trail of smoke rose from a Tunisian honey incense cone burning from a brass cone holder nest to the candles. She stopped at the mirror to admire her beauty and rearrange her hair before ambling out of the room. Tiny Puff was raiding the kitchen and stuffing his mouth with Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal and clasping a family size bag of Flamin' Hot Cheetos underneath his left arm.

"Lil' Dawg, look in the fridge and grab me one of those chocolate milks out of there", Channel shouted out to Puff.

"Damn!" Tiny Puff exclaimed as he strolled into the den and seen Heat's twin sister curled up on the sofa playing Play Station with her male friend. "What's up, Sin, with your fine ass?" he asked admirably. "Hi Puff", Sin responded.

"Girl, can a real gangsta get a hug or what? Because I'm really feelin'' that little outfit you rockin', whatcha call that? Dental floss?", he asked. She giggled at his admiration and shifted on the sofa. Puff stared at her nipples through the tight, black lace bodysuit that caressed her curvaceous figure. Sin was a split image of Heat, but one thing that distinguished the two was their personality and outlook on life. While Heat chose to live the street life style, Sin chose college and the white collar, cosmopolitan life, but she had no choice but to accept the dark side that her sister lived, because she was also raised up in the ghetto and once had been a product of her environment who had dabble into the gangster life style before she became all so formal correct, conceited and snobbish.

"Boy, if you don't do somewhere, you see my friend right here, you so disrespectful", Sin said.

"How am I disrespectful, I don't give a damn about your company. I just asked your fine self for a hug. You normally would give me a hug, so what's the problem now? What!, Is your hugs too good for me now that yo boyfriend is around? Girl, you need to stop fronting' and keep it real and get some of this red madness in your life like your sis; and leave those squares alone."

"Hey Bro", the man interrupted. "Listen dude, now you crossing the line by gettin' at my woman like that and disrespectin' me when I ain't said nothin' to you."

"Blood, a nigga wasn't even talkin' to you for one, and if I was disrespectin' you, you would know it. So you better direct that bullshit to someone else like your girl, because I'm the wrong nigga to be fuckin' with. She's the one.", Puff pointed at Sin. "Disrespectin' you by laying up in here with a see-through lace bodysuit on with nothing under it in front of a bunch of hard dick niggaz...of course I'm goin' to look and make comments and ain't nobody goin' to do a damn thing about it", Tiny Puff snapped aggressively.

"Puff, what the hell's goin' on up in here?" Everyone looked towards the den entrance and saw Heat standing with her hands on her hips,head cocked to one side.

"Puff, whats goin' on?", Heat asked again.

"Homegirl, I was just poppin' my whip at your sis' and blood here act like he want to trip."

"Blood don't want no funk, Heat, especially not wit nigga Puff", Brandish spoke out as he sat in the Lazyboy chair with his hand rested on the trigger of his gun, watching and listening. Tiny Puff had forgotten all about the chocolate milk and took a swallow staring down his adversary.

"Sin, if you don't get your ass up and go put on some damn clothes...you better.", Heat snapped. "You know I don't play that, loungin' up in my house all around your man with your ass hangin' out and shit, that's why you have a room." Sin felt her face grow warm from Embarrassment. She looked down at her hands to avoid making eye contact with her twin. She stood up and folded her arms across her breasts and ambled off towards her room.

"You still fine babygirl", Tiny Puff said to Sin as he watched her walk past him.

"You got that right blood, she's got it goin' on.", Brandish cosigned, staring in her direction.

"Say Blood, you gots to relinquish that control.", Tiny Puff said coldly to the man who was playing Resident Evil 4. "Matter of fact, you gots to shake the spot, not now, but right mutherfuckin' now." Tiny Puff pointed the MP-5 at the man's head.

"Hold up Lil' Blood", Channel and Heat quickly shouted at the same time at Puff. Channel quickly rose to his feet. "Lil' Dawg, don't smoke the fool in the spot." The man froze in his tracks with his eyes trained on the barrel of the gun. His lips had parted as if he wanted to say something, but no words had uttered out. The Playstation controls had fallen to the floor out of the man's hands from lack of concentration of remaining calm. His body trembled like an earthquake. Heat moved towards Puff and gently pushed the gun down and said, "Dude, it might be best for you to raise up and get outta here. I'll tell Sin you'll call her." Them man heard the warning register in her voice and he swiftly stood and made his way out of the house. Channel made Puff stay inside, seeing that he had death in his eyes and was already anticipating on killing the man.

Sin had returned back into the room to find her company gone. She didn't attempt to ask where her friend had vanished off to. It was only obvious. She frowned up at everyone in sight; no one had paid her any attention. Channel and Brandish were emptying out the two duffles. Heat had left the room and Puff sat on the sofa playing Playstation and eating Cheetos that he now had nursing between his legs. Sin went and claimed a seat next to him. She settled back into the sofa cushions with her legs curled up under her. She eyed everyone curiously trying to figure them out and then looked over at Puff, wondering why he wasn't flirting with her like usual. She broke the silence between them.

"Puff, let me play." He glanced over at her with a frown then returned his attention to the game, and snapped, "How about you go play in the kitchen and fix me something to eat?"

"What! Yeah, right! I wish I would."

"Well get the hell away from me then and go find something to do and stop botherin' me while I'm busy."

"I just know you didn't, you sorry ass nigga", Sins voice raised with anger; then she pressed her forefinger against the right side of his head, "You go fuck yourself."

"Maybe I would if I known I could get a cooked meal right afterwards. That would be stupid of me to go make love to my palm and be even hungrier then I already am.", he shot back. Sin couldn't help but smile at his amusement. Channel announced that he would go cook something to eat and motioned off to the kitchen. He returned 15 minutes later with four bowls on a silver tray and passed them out.

"What's this", Sin asked with a frown, staring into the bowl. "I'm not eating this garbage."

"Yeah Dawg, what is this?", Brandish asked.

"Whatever it is, I'm gonna eat it Blood, as hungry as I am. I was thinking about asking Sin to let me eat her." Tiny Puff joked. Sin the punched him in the leg. "Ouch girl, you'd better stop hitting me with your crazy ass."

"Well watch your mouth then.", she replied.

"A-ight now girl, just keep layin' hands on me. Im'ma be how you like it when I pop a slug in your ass, matter of fact, when you gonna let me get some of that good sweetness?", Tiny Puff leaned towards her and asked in a whisper.

"Never!", Sin snapped.

"Oh why you got to be so cold with it woman? If you ain't goin' to eat that food, just set is down on the coffee table and I'll polish it off." Puff demolished his bowl of food. Sin stared at him with a frown of disgust at the sight of him eating what looked like a concoction of some sort.

"Channel, this is good, dawg. What you call this?", Tiny Puff asked, picking up Sin's bowl and began devouring it.

"It's something I learned how to make in the penitentiary.", Channel admitted. "It's called prison spread, made wit Top Ramen soup, tuna, beef jerky, Ritz crackers, cheese, mayonnaise, mustard and yellow chili peppers. It only takes a few minutes to whip up."

Puff looked up at him with a mouthful of food, chewed a few times, swallowed and said, "Next time you hook something up dawg, just make sure it don't got nothin' to do with the pen. I'm not tryin' to be jinks."

Channel laughed at Puff's superstition before he stood up and advanced towards the staircase. "Dawgs, I'm gonna crash out, y'all do what y'all do. You know where everything is at. Tomorrow I'll tighten y'all pockets up and hit you both on the hips with some of that come up we stung for, but right now it's time for me to hit the sack."

Brandish announced that he was also about to go crash out in one of the guest rooms. Puff wasn't sleepy. He had decided he would stay up a few more hours and play video games, but Sin had different plans for him.


McCuddy and Varquez had amended their differences. Neither of them was no longer on the subject of Dian. That conversation was like old memories of an imagination. They sat discussing the intricacies about their job that lingered in the shadows of demise. They both were half toasted from the three refills of double shots of rum.

"You know what Varquez? Why should we sit around and feel sorry for ourselves when we should be out on the streets busting criminals. We both are exceptional cops.", McCuddy said with elated words, "We gave the force too many good years of our lives to be treated the way we are being treated."

Varquez lifted up his shot glass and held it up in the air. "I'll drink to that." then held it up to his lips to realize the glass was empty. "I guess not", he stared into the glass, lightly shaking it side to side, wondering if his eyes could be deceiving him and the liquor could be concealed some place in the corner of the glass. He knew that was only wishful thinking and set the glass down on the bar carelessly, then scratched the side fo his left cheek.

"Buddy, what are we going to do about this then?"

"I'm going to tell you what we are going to do", McCuddy began before he was rudely interrupted by Dian.

"Would you gents care for another drink?", Diane smiled brightly holding out a bottle of bourbon. McCuddy frowned at the sight of the Wild Turkey whiskey, but being that it was on the house, he waited while she poured.

"As I was saying, I pride myself on being a good cop and a damn good one at that. So what I'm suggesting is that we go after the low life bastard, Channel and his co-opts and where we fine him - is where we will find the subject they call, Heat."

Varquez turned to face McCuddy to probe his mind. They sat in silence for a few minutes, then Varquez asked sharply, "Are you serious?"

"I'm as serious as a heart attack." Varquez took a sip of his drink and then shrugged at the shoulders. "And what makes you so sure we would find this person they call 'Heat' when we find Channel, that's if we find him?"

"From experience baby, I wasn't always a cop you know. I just decided to make a change from my past lifestyle, but I stay tuned to the ways of life in the criminal world, that's what makes me so good in this line of work."

"McCuddy, you never told me you was involved in organize street crimes."

"well everything is not to be exposed", said McCuddy. "Are you with me or what on this?"

"Yeah man, I'm with you. If snagging Channel and his crew will get us out of the hot water we're in with our job, I'm all for it."

"Now that's what I wanted to hear from you partner", McCuddy said smiling up at Varquez and patted him on the back. "Now lets get out of this waterin' hole and go to my place so we can talk about the plan." McCuddy pulled a twenty from is wallet and placed it down on top of the bar with the empty shot glass. He had always shown his appreciation to Dian by leaving her a nice tip. They stumbled out of the bar without Dian noticing them, then entered McCuddy's car and drove off.


Charmain Sparks pulled up on the side of the curve and parked her unmarked unit. The Motel 6 parking lot was filled with squad cars and uniformed cops who were scattered about with their officer issued weapons in hand, while some carried shotguns. Their peers watched as Charmain and Nab exited the car with their Las Vegas Police shields hanging from their necks like a huge gold medallion. They both were known on sight from their reputation of being the best detectives on the force. Sergeant Brown Sugar was staring at its reflection. Nab knew a lot of people from the department, but Sugar was the first and only one that he met who had grown up in the same neck of the woods he had, which he felt was the bond that govern their friendship and understanding of their closeness. Nab was physically attracted to the woman, but he admired her friendship more because she treated him like a man of substance, even when he showed otherwise. Detective Morgan was right, Nab thought. The three men were brutally murdered. Whatever the first two were shot with, they made sure it wouldn't be no open casket. The faces of the men seem to be missing right along with their brains. Nab squatted down over the man who was left with his face intact to examine his death even closer. Nab observed that the mans eyes showed a lot of terror. He was obviously killed in a surprising way and saw his killer before his death.

"These men had no clue what was about to happen to them." Sugar interrupted the silence, "I'm sure of that because their guns are still tucked in their wast belt."

"Sugar, I'm willing to bet that this was some type of retaliation mover over something that's got to do with drugs." Nab stood and ambled towards Sugar, capturing her eyes with his own. "We are dealing with someone or some group that is more powerful and complex then we attempted to give proper consideration to? This is not no ordinary person or gang we're dealing with. Whoever it is or who they are, are elite killers. I just hope when ever we cross paths that I have the upper hand."

Sergeant Sugar heard death in those words. She'd known her detective well enough to know that he lived by his own rules and will be raising hell in the city street trying to locate the killers. Nab was one of her best cops in spite of questionable behavior. "Okay Nab", began Sugar, "You do what you must to bring these killer in and make sure you and Detective Sparks watch y'all's asses."

Nab heard the worry in her voice. Her and Nab shared an unspoken intimacy that either of them had the courage to pursue. Nab only wanted a playmate, but he knew Sugar wanted a commitment, something he wasn't willing to give, but he flirted anyways.

"I guess your life wouldn't be the same if something drastic happened to me, huh?"

Sugar gave him that funny look sisters give when a person has struck on of their nerves before she ambled out of the room/ "I'll take that as a yes.", said Nab. "And if anyone reports in concerning 'Heat' or 'Channel', I want the name, address and number of the person who made them", he shouted out in her direction. Although Sugar didn't respond, Nab knew that she would follow through on his request, because she knew the streets of Las Vegas were a jungle and it took a lion to keep the animals in line and Nab was a lion, a known predator on the streets before his cop days. He had made a lot of enemies but he was still respected in the ghetto's. Charmain walked inside the motel room after speaking with two witnesses who allegedly saw the assailants flee from the room and enter a red SUV truck. She briefed Nab on her findings.

"How did they know what color the truck was if they can't tell us what the assailants had on, their race, or any of the basics?" Nab questioned Charmain to the truthfulness of the witnesses. He knew from where the witnesses said they were standing and the assailants vehicle allegedly was parked, it would've been impossible to see any part of the vehicle due to the office building blocking their view, but they did have a clear view of the room.

"I just don't buy it Charmain. There's on thing I'm sure of, they didn't see nothing or they're not telling us the entire story, and as far as I'm concerned, the witnesses don't exist. We can't go around assuming that every murder scene that a red or burgundy SUV is spotted leaving the scene is connected to the Heat case."

"Yeah, your right, Nab, but lets also not rule the possibilities out."

"Charmain, now I need for you to keep an open mind on this and not go on possibilities without facts. We are already working on assumptions and no facts on this entire Heat case. Don't no one know who Heat is, other than she allegedly Channel's girlfriend and what's the cold part of this case? Channel had been pulled into a murder investigation and made a suspect because of the girlfriend and boyfriend relationship he allegedly suppose to have with this woman, and those are just allegations, not facts. Now that the department moved on assumptions and screwed up, big time, by killing those innocent kids during the raid, they are on a mission to arrest a man who has nothing to do with the initial case. Looking for someone to take the fall for their fuck ups, just so they could get out of the media's eyes, Channel is the target, because they really don't know if Heat actually exists. So try to keep a clear mind on this until we get some facts and better leads."

Charmain stared at Nab, taking heed to what he was saying. She knew his analysis was on the money, and she hadn't attempted to dispute his argument. "Let's get out of here and go get some rest", Nab demanded, interrupting her thoughts. "Your place or mine?" "What!" she expressed immediately with uncandid thoughts. Nab repeated himself..."I said, your place or mine? I know you don't think I'm tryin' to get you in bed, it's not like I never camped out at your pad before. I just figure since we gonna have to be gettin' up for work in a few hours anyways, we might as well stay at one of our houses to save time and be able to discuss the case", he explained. Deep down in his mind he had the desire and want to crawl up between those thick thighs that no man has ever ventured. The thought of it made him quiver, sending a chill through his bones. "Your place", she announced. A huge smile had formed on Nab's face. "Well let's go them Miss Foxy, so I can tuck you into bed like the big bad wolf."

"Yeah, when you try to get fresh with me, I'm goin' to hit you with so many lefts and rights, you are going to wear you been in a fight with Lennox Lewis."

"Ooh, yes, beat me momma, I love aggressive women.", he laughed.

"I bet you do." They both walked out of the motel room and headed for the unmarked unit, not announcing their departure from the crime scene. The engine roared as they pulled off in a rush.


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Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post.

Hi Eugene...Been a while since I have visited to transcribe and was reviewing some of the past transcriptions and saw one of yours and when I finally came across the 3rd chapter I was SUPER EXCITED! Good God you have the gift of sucking me right in with your writing! Loving Heat and the crew! CHAPTER 4 IS A MUST!

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