Feb. 9, 2015

True Crime: Rantings Of

by Eugene Weems (author's profile)


Rantings of True Crime

[overhead colored photo of Mule Creek State Prison compound. Caption: Killer Robert John Bardo is caged in California's Mule Creek State Prison.]
[colored mugshot of smiling man identified as Eugene Weems. Quote: 'He talked about bomb making, military maps and satellite images']
[snippet of handwritten passage. Caption: In a chilling note, killer Bardo asks for a number of things, including a photo of vehicles, possibly to transport him on his maniac mission]
The crazed fiend who stalked and slaughtered '80s sitcom star Rebecca Schaeffer has been boasting that he's still in love with the beauty and plans to escape from prison, visit her grave and kill again, claims a jailhouse source.

In a world exclusive interview from behind bars, convict Eugene Weems tells GLOBE that Rebecca's killer Robert John Bardo, 42, tried to recruit him and another prisoner for his chilling plan to bust out of California's Mule Creek State Prison.

"He told me everything - his hatred for correctional officers, his desire to kill again, his need to escape prison, his love for Rebecca, the woman he murdered," says Weems.

Serving life without parole for the slaying of My Sister Sam star, Bardo also told him his twisted plot includes making bombs and airplane fuel. And he said he's going to visit a high school in Alilene, Texas, where he buried something, claims Weems.

"He told me, 'I have life without parole. I'm not going to die here in prison,'" says Weems. "'I'm going to try to escape this place and then flee to another country, but not before I visit Rebecca's grave.'"

Bizarre plans
Weems believes Bardo's bizarre plans are the rantings of a sick and depraved mind. He doesn't believe that there's any danger of Bardo getting out, declaring, "Escaping from a maximum security facility only happens in the movies!"

But stalking expert Rhonda Sanders, a deputy district attorney in L.A., tells GLOBE she's "alarmed."

"Bardo has killed once—he could do it again," says the author of Whisper of Fear: The True Story of the Prosecutor Who Stalks the Stalkers.

"Stalkers are never cured. He may have since focused on another celebrity. Or he may be delusional and think another person is Rebecca Schaeffer and that he needs to eliminate that person."

Weems says Bardo began spilling his guts about his plans when the convict approached the actress killer for another book he was writing about life behind bars.

As GLOBE reported in the April 16 issues, Weems wrote the book Prison Secrets, which partly dealt with lifer Lyle Menendez, who with his brother Erik, slaughtered their parents in 1989. Weems revealed how Lyle was cheating on wife Rebecca Sneed, whom he wed in 2003, by becoming the love of another male convict.

But Wheems was shocked when Bardo began shooting off his mouth about his sick plans.

"He asked me for items that caused me great concern and discomfort," claims Weems, 36, who's serving 20 years for armed robbery.

"He mentioned things about bomb making, flammable materials, military maps and satellite images of areas."

Weems began speaking with Bardo and says the killer bared his soul.

"He asked me, 'I also need you to research over the Internet how to turn algae into fuel,'" says Weems. "'A friend of mine and me know how to make bombs, and it's easy to grow algae.'"

Weems says Bardo is still obsessed with Schaeffer and asked him to locate her grave on the Internet so he can visit, saying, "Can you find out where it is located?"

Schaeffer was buried in Ahaval Shalom Cemetery in Portland, OR, after her mother left Hollywood and millions of fans reeling with grief.

On July 18, 1986, after stalking her and bombarding her with love letters for three years, Bardo went to her home. When she answered the door, the obsessed stalker pulled a handgun from a brown paper bag and shot the beauty through her heart. He was captured the next day in Tuscon, AR.

Incredibly, the romance lives on in Bardo's psycho mind, says Weems.

"Bardo professed his obsession for Rebecca Schaeffer and asked if we could obtain love songs for him that would remind him of memories with her," says the inmate. The songs included Elvis Presley's One Night With You, Lionel Richie's Truly, and Happy Together by the Turtles.

Weems also gave GLOBE several recent notes he says Bardo sent him, in which the killer whines about life behind bars. "Life in prison involves a lot of waiting," Bardo writes. "Waiting to go to chow hall when you are told. Waiting about 15 to 30 minutes in chow hall before you can leave to go back to your building and cell."

Weems, who has also co-authored a novel, The Other Side of the Mirror, is a photographer as one of his prison jobs. He says Bardo asked him to take a close up, but he refused fearing that it could be used to create a false ID card.

He also asked for large color photos from various websites of used cars, including a '94/'95 supercharged Saleen Mustang—but Weems and the other inmate granted none of Bardo's requests.

Deputy D.A. Saunders—who helped write California's anti-stalking laws—says she's disturbed by Bardo's request because, "There's

An Evil Stalker!
[colored photo of Bardo, both at time of arrest and current. Caption: Murderous stalker Bardo, now and at age 19 (below), when he shot to death pretty actress Rebecca Shaeffer. Second caption: Crazed actress killer plots to escape, murder & leave trail of DESTRUCTION]
[colored photo of Rebecca and an insert with co-star. Caption: Rebecca was starring in the sitcom My Sister Sam with Pam Dawber (insert below) when she was slain]
[colored photo of a house. Caption: Bardo shot Rebecca at her L.A. home]

a lot of information on the Internet that could help him.

"It's especially disturbing that he's talking about making explosives and visiting a high school. Authorities need to watch him very closely."


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