Oct. 27, 2011


by John Peana (author's profile)



Throughout my life, I have struggled with one defense mechanism. That defense mechanism is repression (repression: suppress, as per The Merriam-Webster Dictionary).

Repression in my case came into play due to me not wanting to remember the sexual abuse done to me by two sons of family friends for seven years of my life (6-13 years old). By repressing it all, it made it seem like it never happened. But by doing that, my life was thrown offtrack. By not dealing with what was done to me, it made me into a very un-trusting, suspicious, and secretive man—which ultimately played a part in a lot of the trouble I have gotten into and also ended a lot of friendships and relationships that I was in. If I could have started talking about and dealing with the abuse when it happened, I could have been a totally different person.

Repression is NOT the right choice to make when it comes to unpleasant or harmful memories. It may feel right at the time, but it is not because it will always lead you down the wrong road—the road to un-trusting, secretiveness, and turn you into a suspicious person who will be unable to lead a normal, productive life or have the people you love and care for the most in your life. Please take my advice about this because I have been through it.

I have learned that once you are willing to take the chance and open up, you will be able to stat working on yourself and become the person you always wanted to be. I learned this the hard way and have suffered the consequences, but since i took that chance and opened up, I have been able to see the positive changes in me, my thinking, and my feelings.

I will close with this:
"If you're willing to take that chance, it will always help, NOT hurt you. So take the chance and free yourself."


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