Nov. 19, 2015

Jared's Case (From Subway)

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Jared's Case (From Subway)

In light of all the media attention surrounding the sexual exploitation case against Jared, I want to comment.

Jared is basically getting a slap on his wrist for what he did. If he was not famous and/or had not made a "deal", he would be facing life just like all the other "average Joes." I have 135 years for alleged crimes that are a fraction on what he did. But this is not the issue that should concern you. The is these "deals". They have to stop.

If someone sexually exploits a child, he should receive his just punishment. There should be no way to escape punishment. These "deals" are very often unethical and, in some cases, illegal.

Jared's case is not about the plea bargain system: it is about social status, money, and unequal treatment. It is about children being victimized, and the perpetrators finding loopholes in the system and/or using their social status to be given a free pass.

Look at these 3 REAL cases.

1. My Case
7 deleted pictures
Travel, conspiracy, 2 alleged victims, no criminal history
135 years

2. John Doe (actual case here at Marianna)
2,000 pictures
No criminal history, no hands on, only pictures downloaded off the internet
75 years

3. Jared's Case
12 victims, 47,000 pictures
Worked with a man who produced pictures (conspiracy?)
7-12 years (estimated)

This is our justice system at work. Is this fair? Fair to the defendants? Fair to the victims? Fair to society?

I am in favor of severe punishment for heinous crimes against children. However, heinous is heinous, no matter WHO you are or what kind of "deal" you make. PERIOD!

Joseph Dickery 25345-001
FCI Marianna
PO Box 7007
Marianna, FL 32447


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