Nov. 2, 2011

Private Tyranny

From The Uncommon Criminal by Kyle De Wolf (author's profile)


Oct. 23, 2011

Kyle De Wolf

National Review asseverates
that government ought not to force young girls
to get a vaccine for HPV
because some parents may wish to use
fear of STDs to dissuade
their daughters from having sex.

Thus we have a good example
of how conservatives like to use
the guise of individual liberty
(just not for the young girls)
and hatred of government intervention
to foster private tyranny.

Did it ever occur to National Review
that young women may have a right
to engage in consensual sexual relationships
and that backwards-looking parents
ought not to hold the threat of death
over their daughters' heads
to keep them from having sex?

Freedom-loving conservatives prefer to institute
the death penalty for premarital sex
or at least give parents the power
of life or death over their children's lives
like some old-fashioned paterfamilias
because this to them is liberty:
the freedom to coerce and control
those who fall into your care.


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