April 19, 2017

How to Not Lose in 202

From The Uncommon Criminal by Kyle De Wolf (author's profile)


2 Apr 2017

How to Not Lose in 2020 :)
By Kyle De Wolf

I'd like to share a handful of observations.

1. Many prisoners and activists blame the "white man" for the perceived injustices of the criminal justice system.
2. I'm not that impressed with the "white man" either because he put me behind bars.
3. However, allegations of systematic racism do not help me because I'm "white".
4. Reforms that designed to mitigate perceived injustices against "people of color" often alienate "white" prisoners.
5. This is not due to feelings of racism or entitlement among "white" prisoners exclusively.
6. It is due to the perception of being "left behind", as if activists only care about people of color and do not wish to help "white" prisoners.
7. The feeling of "white" people being left behind leads to "white" nationalism, as if "white" people need to stand together to fight back against reverse racism.
8. Allegations of racism and entitlement reinforce the perception of not being cared about and provoke a stronger feeling of injustice.
9. The word reactionary is content-null, an empty signifier, a term of abuse meaningful only to left-wing fanatics.
10. The push-back against the "white man" polarizes "white" people against "people of color", creates a feeling that "white" people are under attack, and puts "white" people on the defensive.
11. Nonviolent communication would suggest that postulating the "white man" as the enemy would heighten racial tensions and conflicts.
12. Reforms designed to mitigate racial injustices should be situated within a broader humanitarian package that emphasizes benefits to all prisoners and to the whole community.
13. "People of color" should take responsibility for crimes and not shift blame onto others. "Black" communities should hold each other responsible.
14. Polarization between "whites" and "people of color" should be reduced in order to counteract influence of nationalist appeals.
15. "Whites" and "people of color" need to see that they are on the same side and have a mutual interest in reform.


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