May 19, 2017


From The Uncommon Criminal by Kyle De Wolf (author's profile)


05 May 2017

By Kyle De Wolf

Most prisoners are statists who equate responsibility with the internalization of submission to the judgments and decrees of the state.

I do not permit the state to define what is right or wrong for me. Only the voice of my conscience can tell me whether I am guilty or innocent. We are all political prisoners because we are all victims of the political system. Politicians make the laws and the sentencing guidelines for political gain. Morality has nothing to do with it.

The Qur'an (4, 29) says, "Do not consume one another's wealth unjustly but only in lawful business by mutual consent." Yet the agents of the state live off the fruits of other men's labor taken by force.

To internalize subordination is not responsibility, but the abdication of responsibility. It is to place one's reason, judgment, and conscience in the hands of another.

The men and women of the B.O.P. are enemy officers. To make excuses for them, to say that "they are just trying to earn a living" is to deny personal responsibility. They chose their careers just like I chose my life. Even the S.S. were "just trying to earn a living." Besides, I would never pay a guard to sit on his behind and play on the computer all day. The B.O.P. is more like a welfare program than a job.

I grant that people have a right to defend themselves and to associate with others to protect their mutual interests. I do not grant that anyone has a right to impose a political system on others and demand obedience to his laws.

To be responsible is to take one's reason, conscience, and judgment into one's own hands and to live on his own terms. It is not to denounce one's self in a ritual of self-abasement.

Long live the black flag of anarchy,
O'er our shores may she ever wave!


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