Sept. 24, 2017
From Death Row Inmate by Michael Flinner (author's profile)


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With little patience for bureaucracy, remains dedicated to replacing destruction with life -- an arduous process which combines civic responsibility with innovative frontline health care services.
Constructing our humble solution means sustaining a vibrant, inclusive grassroots advocacy cut from an unusual cloth full of families, journalists, myriad activists, academic & legal circles and well... most notably, those who support inducement-free LIVING inmate organ donation legislation meant to bridge the biological matchworthy inmate with an immediate family member in need of a life-saving organ transplant -- quite a gap.
Jonathan (my adult son) and I desperately require your help. We intend to demonstrate to law-makers that prisoners everywhere represent viable contributions to those whose bravery and dignity inspire our continued efforts toward implementing meaningful inmate organ donor protocol, a process made available to the countless roles of the willing -- The Ultimate Restitution.
The majority of garden-variety state prison systems (those housing some 87% of the national prison population total) prohibit (preclude) would-be state prisoners from making any LIVING donation, ever. Here in the State of California, these same would-be inmate donors are only permitted to make said pre-determined contributions in the event of his/her DEATH in custody.
If that hasn't shocked your conscience, try to wrap your brain around this factoid: The remaining 13+-% of prisoners can be located housed beyond the fences of any number of Federal Bureau of Prison institutions -- the "rest" of the nation's prison population. Contrary however to the archaic methodology found amongst state prison officials, the Federal Bureau of Prisons utilizes its well-oiled LIVING vital organ/tissue donation machine for purposes of saving an inmate's immediate family member in need, as well as further ensuring an uptake in national consent and conversion rates for transplants in "real time", a donor 2.0 if you will.

"The friends that I have made here have turned my life around."

Inmate Organs has brought a great deal to the table on the social action front. In fact, we collaborated with not one, but two California (Dem) State Senators who introduced SB1419, a Senate Bill in what we might refer to as a beta test of sorts which allowed us to shake out the proverbial "bugs". So far, so good. For 2018, we hope to emulate the language of the Federal Bureau of Prisons policy, the same one that leaves [their] donor alive and well, post-op. Who knew however slight, that we'd pass muster in all three of the preliminary Senate committees; Senate Health, Public Safety, and even Senate Appropriations. These were unanimously-approved, that is until California Department of Correction's administration proved apathetic and altogether oblivious to the forest just on the other side of the trees, standing hard-and-fast against funding a LIVING inmate organ donor protocol for [our] immediate families in "their" time of need, despite their federal counterparts choosing to vehemently oppose any and all ravages of these destroyers of life.
Inmate Organs along with like-minded industry colleagues agree that we're facing an emerging scenario with national implications -- as such, I'm not remotely interested in simply conquering California. On the contrary indeed. To do so means wee need a fresh set of eyes, some quality adspace online, some negligible seed capital, a user-friendly web platform complete with e-commerce functionality, but most importantly, the generosity of spirit found in great personal sacrifice in the face of anecdotal evidence, and while more than ample resources exist -- rich, rewarding, and supportive communities who favor the promise of a new beginning.
Please exercise your unbiased curiosity and goodwill. Together we can introduce our humble solution to this atypical problem. Check us out on 60Minutes, and lend an ear to our audio project scope.
My hope is to hear from you and yours in the days/weeks ahead. There are some very specific points that might be welcomed in an executive summary. Can you tell me a little about your professional skillset, and whether or not a project with our pure rationale might be deserving of a strategic partnership? Done while serving its primary promises to yield significant revenue while serving its primary function in the eyes of the registered voter. One thing is for certain, one state at-a-time makes for an incredible project life cycle.
This degree of imprisonment forces me to preach a better sermon with my life than with my lips. In either case, I'm eager to share the state with competent personnel.

Expect More,

Michael Flinner
CSP-SQSP V-30064
San Quentin, CA. 94974

@inmateorgans ( (60Minutes Segment)

Issue 27: The Black Panther Ten-Point Program
Inside-Outside Reading Group

1. We want freedom. We want the power to determine the destiny of our Black and oppressed communities

2. We want full employment for our people.

Responding to:
"In the Beginning: The People Demand" by Mumia Abu Jamal p.1
"Ban The Box Movement" by Manuel La Fontaine p.2
"Thoughts on Our Current Political Moment: Resisting Trump" by Asar Imhotep Amen p.2

"Tears to be Shed"
Michael Flinner

Playgrounds, our homes, universities, and malls,
Met with unprovoked destruction, I cannot name 'em all.
Dark Chaos & misfortune on our soils & airports.
Terrorists shock our conscious' at every given glance,
Join the call, bend a knee, & say a prayer for France.
Isis, North Korea, neither of our choosing,
A once-known tolerant humanity appears to be losing.
While select few result in ever paying costs,
Fragile and innocent lives continue being lost.
Violent rushing rivers of Tears To Be Shed,
Breaking News Flashes swirl around in my head.
Pounding away relentlessly are machines of several wars,
Images of vast ruin, please tell me what they're for.
Why can't inmates donate organs, I ask you?
Perhaps the world's priorities just remain askew.
"I Can't Breathe - Hand's Up! - Don't Shoot"
This enduring epidemic surely isn't moot.
Global Media routinely lost astray in chatter,
Untaxed bureaucrats wallets getting fatter.
Have we said "farewell" to Harmony & Peace?

Does # All Lives Matter exist if only to be fleeced?

Michael Flinner
CSP-SQSP # V-30064
San Quentin, California. 94964
April 2017


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ShadowScribe007 Posted 1 year, 9 months ago. ✓ Mailed 1 year, 8 months ago   Favorite
I'm familiar w/ u from IO (inmate organs ) & I work w/ piankhi & am new to BtB, but not WODz project.I'll be sending u a letter about myself & my contribution. I also left a message ×/ Jon via Facebook/messenger. I'll be in touch. Great work!


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