Dec. 28, 2017

Interesting Prison Facts

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Interesting Prison Facts

When my family and friends come to visit me, they are always asking questions about everyday events that take place in prison. I have decided to share some of the things they found interesting. Keep in mind, I am a federal inmate, so I am sure state prisons are sometimes very different.

NUDITY: Contrary to what most think, nudity does not exist in the federal system. We have one-man showers with a half door and any strip searches that take place are done in separate areas. I have been in the federal system for over 12 years and have never seen another man naked.

RATED R MOVIES: Although we live a life full of violence and foul language, we cannot ever see a rated R movie. So if a new movie comes out and it looks very interesting (i.e. Downsizing that just came out), we won't be able to see it unless it is eventually shown on TV. Sometimes they actually show movies like Toy Story or a "chick flick" to a bunch of inmates. I find that kind of funny.

ECONOMICS: Stamps and ramen soups are the basic currency in here. If one wants to sell a used pair of shoes, he would not say he wanted x amount of money when you ask how much. He would say "20 soups" or "15 stamps" or a "a flat" (which is a book of twenty stamps intact with none of them torn out of the book).

JOBS (hustle): Once you understand the economy, then you understand that people do ALL KINDS of things to earn money. You can have someone clean your room three times a week per month for a "flat". Someone gets ice for you twice a day in the summer for "10 soups" a week. Someone irons your clothes for "3 stamps". And so on. People who get money from the streets are usually the ones who hire those who do not. A prime example of trickle-down economics, one might say.

These are just a few things my family and friends found interesting. If you are wondering about anything I did not mention, just ask. :)

Thanks for reading my blog.



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