July 13, 2018

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From Death Row Inmate by Michael Flinner (author's profile)
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Life Saving Consequences
(May 27, 2018)


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Shalom, Father John.

Thank you for your comment to my blog post "Life Saving Consequences" (May 27th). This is the first time, if I recall correctly, that I've ever replied to a comment like this... ever? Hmm...

As you might recall, I am Jewish and as such found this reply somewhat necessary on a couple of levels. You, as a Catholic, and I might be cut from a series of different clothes. But at the end of the day, I think that, as God-faring men, the notion that redemption is not for everyone might be subject to interpretation on many fronts.

I must assume that you might've found your way through any number of my blog posts in re:Inmate Organ Donation and its vast array of intricate paths to travel on when considering the implications of inducement-free organ donation, but NOT as a product of something otherwise "imposed" by any one state at any time. My concept is to bring the obvious biologically match-worthy donor to the table when his/her immediate family member might be in need of vital LIVING organ or tissue.

Ambitious? Absolutely. But someone might stand for what they believe in around this place, or we'll simply become complacent as a whole and thus "stand for anything." That, my friend, is what I often call "no bueno!" :)

Setting Revelation 12:11 and even Genesis 22:12 aside, the fact remains that there's truly NO reason why the state prison systems on a national front can't simply adopt the inner-workings of the very same machine that the Federal Bureau of Prisons use to save the innocent (taxpaying citizens) lives of some of our family members. The Feds have it right—on a rather surprising note.

John, please take a peek at my most recent post, "When Life Got Complicated." In this entry, I have attempted to share certain material data as it relates to the protocol differences amongst the two prison giants in this country (Feds vs. State) regarding inmate organ donation. Here in California, for example, they won't even allow a LIVING donation to an immediate family member. The way their regulations read, an inmate MUST die first before he/she can donate an organ. How insane is that? What are these people smoking?

John, 21+ Americans die each and every day waiting for the gift of a lifesaving organ transplant. There are 2.4 MILLION prisoners in this country. A five-year-old child could deduce that many of our loved ones might otherwise fall into that category if something isn't done.

My father John died in May 2016 from lung cancer (one lung). I would've given him a lung in a New York minute. They might have been able to save his life, as I'm an obvious match-worthy donor. Both of his parents died long ago.

I'm sad to say today that it seems like someone (Senator Galgiani) and/or her constituents may have dropped the torch somewhere in Congress. I've heard literally nothing from anyone on this desperate subject matter in well over a year, and I still write to simply acquaint society with the facts.

Father John, others like myself (prisoners) have attempted to cross this bridge. None to my knowledge have ever made it through the depths of these legal loopholes and congressional consideration as I have. I'm not blowing my own horn here, I'm truly wishing I had someone who might like to work with me on changing the laws so that saving lives isn't such a troubling effort when vast amounts of never-considered donors who truly ask for nothing in return are at the state's avail.

There is NO reason why the national state prison conglomerate can't simply adopt a well oiled policy run by the Federal Bureau of Prisons, a policy whence donors are inmates who are ONLY permitted to make said inducement-free contributions to a dying would-be immediate family member. This is a no-brainer. I don't personally have the contacts that one may need to get this thing as vocal and visible as it deserves to nationally be.

I'm currently tasked with working tirelessly to stay in postage stamps in order to maintain the semblance of a working snail mail campaign. If you'd be willing, perhaps your contacts would lend you an ear and work to mail me a consistent flow of postage stamps a couple of books a time. I routinely put out about 100 letters (form) weekly, so it's easy to get lost in the expense and availability of it all. We are technically permitted to receive five books of stamps per mailing, so that's something to consider—assuming you have some sort of ideas banging around in your head. Perhaps a Facebook stamp campaign?

I don't know. I have no direct access to social media. Have you considered sharing my concepts and posts with your contacts who share your ideals? Perhaps they might have some ideas on how to best pursue this thing from within.

Truthfully, good sir, I'd be remiss to suggest any other less-than-obvious methods through which the intention might be shunned, but I desperately NEED someone outside to pick up the torch and get heard by senators, Congress—even Trump himself. People are dying while resources are being intentionally unused.

The idea that one might support my concept or actions under the assumption that they give meaning to state-sanctioned murder is fine. Bear this momentarily: there are merely 4,000+ death row prisoners in this country. This isn't just about those of us condemned to die. I intend for this to be made available to the masses.

Trust me when I tell you, Father John, that I want literally nothing from this on a personal level—just the satisfaction of being able to fulfill what God put in my heart, a form of purpose. I'm man enough to know and admit that I need help with this thing. It is a far greater scope that I can personally carry. I'm a lot of things, but I've NEVER been called a quitter.

Would you be interested in carrying on a personal exchange through regular correspondence outside of Between the Bars? I'm not a big fan of having my mail rerouted for the world to see (and judge). Please advise. I look forward to hearing from you in the weeks ahead. I do appreciate you taking the time to enlighten me and further wish to thank you for your prayer.

B'Shalom & Todah,
Michael Flinner #V-30064
San Quentin, CA 94964

P.S. Please take a minute to watch the 60Minutes segment I did regarding this subject matter.


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