Sept. 6, 2018

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From Death Row Inmate by Michael Flinner (author's profile)
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Nice to hear from you and to see that you are all very much in control of things still. Things here are surprisingly difficult. Had I known ahead of time that 90% of the locals live in "pitri dishes of complacency" and have ZERO in the way of social skills, I'd have never left. The pros somehow outweigh the cons if one can stay in their own lane. Stupidity reigns, and most have been lost in this little place for DECADES - truly.

So, I must shed some much-needed light upon you and others in your immediate circle. DO NOT turn your back to Santa. He has flown the way of the cheese-eater. Twice now, Jon's father was met by K9 internationally sent by Santa. He SENT them for the dozen year old Swintec, and well...I might hate someone, but I'd NEVER send "them" to one's home. Insane but true. Que sera sera!

So assuming you have a fluid transcription base, my work will come by pen. I cannot do things to the degree that I did before, but will assist in whatever capacity possible. I'm involved in something new and exciting myself. Who knew? Additionally, I'm getting married here shortly and my wife occupies much of my life. SHE'S AMAZING! Plus (3) adult stepkids. :)

Please explain SS Group and 007? What is that picture on my blog entitled "let's play"? That is not from me. Hmmm :/

Jon and I have grown apart some. My father's death really did something to his core. How's your family? Verika?

I'm wondering if we might finally put our heads together on new material. What are you looking for? Ask your transcribe to show you the most recent post @ 1579 that got published (coming out in Oct '18) at It should be up by now. I sent Charlie D Tar an author's tearsheet for posting. Slide it over to PAPCO if you want. Also, I did submit a piece I published called "When Life Got Complicated" which also went to print overseas recently. Want it?

Case being briefed (orally) in short order. Optimistic as to potential outcomes?

Please stay in touch, (no deadlines, but I'll freelance now and then, huh?)

Back to the Grind
Best regards
Send mine too.



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