Dec. 13, 2018

How Prisoner Phone Calls Work

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Johnny E. Mahaffey
December 2, 2018


In each building/dorm, there are two phone rooms with one on each side. Each phone room has three old school payphone type phones. With no coin slots, obviously.

We have to dial 0, put in our SCDC# and code, and dial whatever number we want. The calls are recorded in a PERMANENT database tagged in a file with our SCDC#. There is no question of who uses it because it also uses voice recognition software to make sure the prisoner putting in that SCDC# is in fact that prisoners.

Calls are not collect. They have to be prepaid. An account must be set up by the person being called. Once that is done, the prisoner can have the calls billed from his own prison account by sending funds to Global Tell Link (GTL). The process takes 7 to 10 days, sometimes longer.

The person to be called sets up their account by calling GTL: 1-877-650-4249

Calls within South Carolina are 8 cents per minute. We are limited to 15 minute calls ($1.20 per call). Of course, the call can be shorter than 15 minutes. A 4.3 minute call will be rounded up to 5 minutes and be charged for that. However, if you do use the whole time, an automated voice will give a 60 second warning on the last minute. Then a 30 second warning.

This all sounds high, but it's actually very reasonable in price comparison to other states. SC is actually one of the few states NOT involved in a lawsuit against them over phone profiteering. The feds want calls to be fair and under 10 cents per minute. Some states are as high as $1 or more per minute. They're about to have to pay back the public and prisoner families millions of dollars. So I'm thankful SC is one of the fair states in this regard.

Accounts can be set up for any phone. Groundline, cell phone, regular provider, prepay, whatever. But the prisoner will NOT be notified in any way that an account has been made, or a number charged or anything like that. I have to be told in a letter or email.

Calls are precious commodities. It's nice to talk to someone else who's not a criminal or out to take advantage of me...



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Yoko_morimoto Posted 1 week, 2 days ago.   Favorite
Can u call all your family? What about kids? I know u miss your children......... Keep up hope. Things will get good for u, i promise.

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