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Jan. 5, 2020


From Death Row Inmate by Michael Flinner (author's profile)
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(June 6, 2019)


Ship To:
Michael Flinner
CSP-SQSP #V-30064
San Quentin, California 94964

Dec. 2019

There is no rest for him who broods over slights and injuries and wrongs; no quiet response of mind for him who feels that he has been unjustly treated, and who schemes how best to act for the discomfiture of his perceived enemy. BTB, at least for me, once represented a place where happiness on some level remained undisturbed by societal judgment and ill will. Wisdom and comfort cannot dwell where such folly resides. I hope for change.

Revenge seems sweet only to the mind that is totally unacquainted with the spirit of forgiveness. But when the sweetness of forgiveness is tasted, then the extreme bitterness of revenge becomes known. Revenge and castigation seems to lead to bizarre happiness to those who are involved in the darkness of passion. But when the violence, slander, and resent of passion is abandoned, and the mildness of forgiveness is resorted to, then and only then it is seen that revenge leads to self-suffering.

This very same semblance of revenge promises to eat at the vitals of the mind while poisoning the entire spiritual being. This behavior is lost within a mental fever which burns up the wholesome energies of one's mind and time. Much like Pizza Hut leftovers.

Web chickens who won't honestly identify themselves like our new friend from El Cajon "take offense" to the extent that she has become morally sick, losing any chance at a life which honors a healthy flow of kindness and good will, a place from which men and women should seek to be delivered. Society must start removing their masks of hatred. For many, the unforgiving and resentful spirit is a source of great personal inner suffering and sorrow. He (or she) who harbors and encourages it will never overcome and abandon it, forfeiting much blessedness and any measure of personal enlightenment. We feel sorry and pray for you.

To be hardhearted is to suffer, to be deprived of light and comfort. Every time anyone hardens their heart against a fellow being, wishing them ill will through hatred, he or she inflicts upon themselves five individual kinds of suffering—namely, the suffering of loss of love; the suffering of lost communionship and fellowship; the suffering of a troubled and confused mind; the suffering of wounded pride; and the suffering of severe punishment inflicted by others. Ring a bell, Claudia?

Every act of unforgiveness entails upon the doer of that act, a daily suffering in their own fiery torment. We must learn from each of our deliberate acts that when we abandon retaliation for forgiveness, we pass from darkness to light. So dark and ignorant is unforgiveness that no being who is at all wise or enlightened could descend to it. Its darkness is not understood nor realized until it is found in the mirror of our mind.

Man remains blinded and deluded only by his own dark and sinful tendencies, sins of self-importance which thrive on vanity and ego. I'm no stranger to this.

Happily married now to an incredible, gorgeous, accomplished, compassionate and wonderful woman, I've learned to be free from all fear concerning the malicious actions of others toward me. For he who hurts none, fears none. But for those who contrive the hurt of others live fearful unhappy lives. Now in my fifties, love feels amazing.

I hope that 2020 brings with it a message whereby the unforgiving soul who remains eager to "pay back" some real or imaginary slight or injury will learn consideration for others. Be careful what you haters wish for! Hatred ceases not by hatred, but by forgiveness, which is very beautiful, far and away sweeter and more effective than revenge might ever hope to be.

Kindness and understanding are nobler than any type of revenge, like soft air passing through your trashy little existence.

I'm all out of fucks to give,
but here's a rat's ass.


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