March 3, 2021

Open letter to the media

From Dances With Thugs by Joseph Dickey (author's profile)



Dear Media,
When I was in high school I was taught that the media serves an important role in our society by informing the public and providing transparency for government actions. Somewhere along the way you have lost that important goal. A local newspaperman actually told me he had to get permission from the local DA concerning what he could put in print concerning my case. Are you serious?
You are only printing what the government tells you to print and as a result, the public is left in the dark concerning critical details. You only print headlines like: "Perkinston man pleads guilty to producing child pornography." Then never address why this was allowed or possible in the first place. That is the story the public should be told and that is the story the public deserves to know. Here is the real story if any of you have the guts to investigate it and print it.

Perkinston Man Strikes Again
A Perkinston man pled guilty to producing child pornography with an infant and toddler. Court records and FBI files show this was not the first time this man had produced child pornography with toddlers but it is the first time he was unable to cut a deal with the DA. According to an affidavit from the FBI dated July 2005 this man (can't use his name on here) had thousands of images of child pornography "containing young male children or babies." (FBI affidavit pg. 5) In addition to this affidavit, FBI records indicate that hits man sexually abused Joseph Dickey's family when Dickey left them alone with him to "get pizza" (FBI notes dated 1-21-03). And this man said he only had the thousands of images because people "just started sending them to me" and "he did not want them." (FBI notes dated 12-26-02) Despite the fact this man had thousands of child porn images and was actually producing child porn back in 2002, no charges were ever brought against him. The mother and grandmother of this man's 2-year-old victim from 2002 wrote the court and prosecutor in Dickey's case and said "we are also aware that there is this man from Mississippi that has pictures of our children on his computer and has admitted to abusing our children yet he is not in jail for this. WHY? Why are we not told about his trial or furthermore, why is he not in jail for having pictures of our children and abusing them?" (DOC 71 pg. 3) The mother and grandmother went on to say in all caps: "GIVE US A CHANCE AS THE ONLY VICTIMS TO SPEAK IN COURT." (DOC 71 pg 5) The court ignored these requests and the prosecution opposed any opportunity for the grandmother or mother to be heard. The most recent victims of this Perkinston Predator most likely had no idea this man had such a long list of predatory crimes against toddlers and infants. If the authorities would not even tell the mother of this predator's 2-year-old victim in 2002, it is doubtful his most recent victims know his history. The public did not know and as a result, he victimized another innocent baby. An investigation needs to be opened to get answers.
Why can this not be told?
I challenge anyone and everyone to point people to this post. To contact me for more information or to expose this in any way possible. I am still furious and sickened that he struck again.

Joseph Dickey 25345-001
FCI Marianna
PO Box 7007
Marianna, FL 32447


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