Feb. 8, 2023

A Transcribed Call

From Sean Riker: 100 Percent Innocent and Sentanced to 200 Years by Sean Riker (author's profile)


Sean Riker

People that follow my case and the allegations against me know that my then-wife (Tayler) accused me of heinous crimes against her and our kids (4). False allegations.

Attached is a call I made to Tayler while I was in the county jail. Does Tayler sound like I committed the crimes she accused me of?

Note: When we lived in S.L.C., Utah, Tayler falsely accused me of similar crimes and she immediately recanted. Hell yes I brought it up during arguments. Who wouldn't?

The DA and cops told her I'd only be in prison for SEVEN YEARS if convicted. They lied to her. Corruption. I read 200 years!

I knew I'd be convicted of crimes I didn't commit b/c the corruption in Racine was systemic. It still is prevalent there.

Is Tayler a victim or a victimizer? Let me know.



S: I can't tell you what to do because I can't tell you what to do.

T: Sean, honestly, I don't want you to be in jail. But I really don't want to be with you either, you know, because you're fucking mean to us, dammit, and you don't change, and you don't feel bad after you do shit.

S: I love you, I love Cailin and Seanie, Chloe, I love Lila. I'm fucking going insane.

T: No, you don't love Chloe or Lila, you fucking hate them.

S: Oh my god.

T: I know you love Caitlin and Seanie. (Author's note: Proof she lied! I'm accused of putting a shotgun to his head/pulling the trigger. LIES!)
And I don't want you to be in jail either. Honestly, if you could just be let out of jail and go on your merry way, that would be fucking great with me. It really would be.

S: Now that we have already made this transition, now that we already apart, I can do it, Taylor. I can work somewhere close to you so that I could see my kids, I can do it now. Now that we made this transition, I can do it now. I know I can.

T: I don't know, Sean. How do I know that you are not just saying anything to out?

S: Come and see my face, okay?

T: Yeah, but look at what you did to me at Salt Lake County Jail. You did that same shit to me. You lied to me, you totally suckered me in, and I feel for it and you fucking teased me about it later by saying that I was such a loser for believing it and shit, and you never let me live it down that I called the cops on you (Author's note: Because you had me falsely accused!).

S: You know, when I said those things, we were in an argument. We were in argue mode. You know people say things that they don't mean when they are arguing. You even say stuff too.

T: Yeah, but you meant it, you know. You fucking hated me (Author's note: Because you had me falsely accused!) for calling the cops, you did. And now that I called them on this and it's blown up, it's going to probably fucking kill me. I really think that, Sean. I really think you want to kill me if you could.

S: No, no. I have left you alone for thirty days, I have not tried to call your or nothing. I have your phone number this entire time, and I'm...

T: That's because you probably thought you were getting out.

S: No, I didn't. My lawyer already said I wasn't. Listen, they're going to give me life in prison forever.

T: No, they're not.

S: You wanna bet?

T: The cops told me that they are not.

S: Of course they are going to because you are concerned about that. They are going to go, oh, he is not going to get life. He is going to get seven years or something like that.

T: Well, that's what they said.

S: That's right, Tayler. If I get convicted of these crimes, I am never getting out, never. Because I'm not taking any deals. I can't do this time, okay? I can't do seven years, I can't do two years. I have fucking been in here for thirty days, and I'm this close, Tayler. I have never been this close in my life, I have never thought about it like I do now, okay? I'm thinking about the jury trial, and if I lose in a jury trial, I am getting life. Forever. Because they are going to convict me of everything. They are not going to convict me of one thing, they are going to do everything. I don't care what you have done, I don't care who you have contacted, I don't care what you said. You are my life, please.


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