March 5, 2023

Sean Riker Survey

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Since 2009 I have written to thousands of attorneys, strangers, and organizations asking for help. And nobody ever does. I have never stopped and asked why. Why won't they help me?

Well, to my readers I would greatly appreciate it if you would take this survey and answer truthfully. But be nice. Seanie is sensitive. :)

And here we go.

Do you know me personally?
If yes, what is your name?
If no, do you know me through media crap?

Why won't people help me?

Does the media spew bias into the U.S.?

Is the media the enemy of the state?

If the media says it, do you automatically believe it?

Do you think that my life should end? If yes, why?

If someone is guilty of numerous crimes in the past, is that person guilty of everything in the future? Just because someone says it's true?

Does the media have too much power? If yes, how can they be brought under control?

Is there systemic corruption in every law enforcement agency?

Do ALL district attorneys lie to get their man/woman?

What do you know about me via rumor?

If you read something of mine, where can I ask for help? What exactly stops you from actually helping me? What exactly is the thing that sends you running away from me?

What can I do to improve myself and/or chances of receiving help on my wrongful conviction?

Do you believe that I am a victim of corruption? Explain your answer.

In your opinion, can women be manipulative and downright evil?

Do you have The Shining? Will I die in prison?

You can answer here or snail mail me your answers here:
Sean Riker 567232
Wisconsin Secure Program Facility
PO Box 189
Phoenix, MD 21131

Thank you for taking the time. I am greatly appreciative.

Take care.


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Okiegurl Posted 1 week ago.   Favorite
Hello Sean,
I have read a lot of your postings and your blog. I'm a criminal paralegal. I've worked on cases for murderers, rapist, drug traffickers, you name it, and I've assisted in their defense. I helped with Voir Dire, investigations, discovery research, depositions, expert witness testimony, trial prep, all the way from start to finish with our client. I will answer a few questions with my honest opinion so please don't get angry at my response. The media always gets the story/narrative wrong a lot but you need to get over that because it doesn't define your case but the evidence does or lack there of. Also, you are angry and I get it but instead of exacting revenge on those who wronged you focus on post conviction relief. Focus on hiring a PI, discovering new evidence, interviewing witnesses & alleged victims, evidence of jury misconduct by interviewing jurors, and the list goes on. I think your narrative on your case is more about anger than the facts. I feel it in your writing and trust me no attorney wants to take on an angry client nor would his staff. Know your case, present a timeline to potential attorneys, research a very well respected PI in your area because you will never get out otherwise. I've worked a ton of PCR cases and the only successful ones I have been on are the ones that had investigators hitting the street and bringing back tons of new information that we can use in the PCR brief because without it your appeals/PCR's are just ramblings with no meat on the bone.
Take care Sean and I hope you find the relief you seek!

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