March 20, 2023

A Second Chance Through Education

From Sean Riker: 100 Percent Innocent and Sentanced to 200 Years by Sean Riker


Date: 3/11/2023 6:47:34 PM
Subject: March 11@8am


How is it possible to obtain a second chance when the first one was stolen. I serve 200 ridiculous years in Wisconsin's Supermax and 70 years probation for crimes I am 100% innocent of committing. Having lost all appeals based off of a corruptly stacked jury, (Social friends of both prosecutors AND the judge on my case, FBI agent, spouses of officers from my arresting agency and the gut punch, the court reporter usually in that courtroom was the jury foreman), I am left on my own trying to obtain help on the wrongful-conviction. There's ALWAYS a road to exoneration after appeal exhaustion. Always.

Since 2010-ish thousands of letters have left this cell to every "Innocence Organization," Attorney and straight up strangers asking them to help me, and over a decade later I have yet to receive help. Recently I received a response from one of those big television stations, CBS, NBC, of those, and the producer says words to the effect, "I have thoroughly researched your case and claims of innocence, and you very well may be innocent considering your unbelievable jury, lack of physical evidence and testimony of actual testimonial coaching, however, the media converge on your case is one of the most severest hit jobs I've ever seen. It is quite the shitfest [sic]. I am sorry, but our station cannot be affiliated with such a case..."

The coverage on my case is 99% fake news!! The 1% is they spelled my name correctly. It made me sit back and reflect, So THAT'S why nobody will help me, fake news. So THAT'S why Innocence Organizations, Attorneys and straight up strangers run screaming from my pleading letters. Now I get it.

I see in the news unarmed innocent people getting beat to death by crooked cops, shot to death by crooked cops, reports being fudged by crooked cops to fit THEIR false scenario of events.... Does America really think that the ONLY form of corruption is via police violence? Is America THAT ignorant? If cops are so flagrant about murdering innocent people ON CAMERA, just imagine what they're doing off camera during "investigations" in a case like mine that requires zero physical evidence. All police are complicit whether turning a blind eye to their peers or actually committing crimes themselves.

My case was created by my now ex wife, the police got ahold of it and turned it into a mountain and then the DA Office got ahold of it and turned it into a planet. They manipulated false statements perpetrated by an angry wife adding false credence to the big lie.

Looking into my future I do not ever seen myself leaving this stringent Supermax. I haven't given up the fight to obtain help on this tragic wrongful-conviction, I have DVD evidence PROVING innocence and a paper trail of idle exoneration waiting for help, but in the meanwhile I paint forest scenes and think of ways to obtain help...write stories...

A few years ago there was a flyer posted in the day room that advertised college courses. Free tuition, transfer to a lower security prison..."But you must qualify..." Being fairly intelligent, I wrote to the education department and asked for an application. It took two weeks to obtain it. They are real busy apparently... One time I wrote to the education department and asked for something trivial and the teacher wrote a paragraph in response and TRACED over every single letter of each word at least five times, so I can see they are VERY busy.

I filled out the application and sent it in. Two weeks pass by and still no acknowledgement. A note is sent inquiring about the application. Another two weeks go by without a response. A second note is sent. No reply. WTF? I sent notes to everybody, Warden, Social Worker, Unit Manager, business office...asking what is going on with the application. STILL NO ANSWER.

Over two months transpire and many notes without an answer. It was a Saturday morning. Quiet. Everyone is sleeping, except for me, when there's a soft knock at my door. I get up and look out of my tiny window and see this short, pretty lady I've never seen before, in street clothing, standing there. The night before this I had covered my blow vent because there was talking going on in it. So that left my exhaust vent sucking in air from the hallway. The lady was wearing perfume that wafted into my cell and it immediately turned my tumultuous brain into a sense of serenity...

She held up her hand and in it was a STACK of papers that I immediately recognized as being my multifarious notes to everybody and their cousins asking about the application.

She slid the stack to me via the slot in my door and said, "Hi Mr. Riker. I am returning your application and notes to you." (I looked at them. All unstamped as being received.) "I'm sorry to tell you this, but you don't qualify for the college opportunity."

I say, "But I have a Highschool Diploma. I have desire to broaden my mind and earn a college degree. How do I not qualify?"

This pretty lady that smells so good says, "Mr. Riker, you're serving life. There's no need for you to have an education beyond what it may already be."

I say, "But I'm innocent... I don't see myself dying in prison. I will one day get out. I just need to find someone to help me. Please, I need this."

I could see actual compassion in her eyes. I could see she was fighting to not say this to me. She wanted me to have an education, but her paycheck made her say, "Mr. Riker...I'm sorry..." And she walked away. It was quite heartbreaking to say the least. In the eyes of the Wisconsin Dept. of Corruption I am not even worthy of an education.

Although I am surrounded by hope and none of it is in me, I still seek an education AND help on my wrongful-conviction. If you are that person, drop me a line. Anyone anywhere can write to me. All letters welcome.

Sean Riker #567232
Wisconsin Secure Program Facility
POB 189
Phoenix, MD.


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